Spring Cleaning – 2021/April


My brother Mookie has been visiting for the last couple of weeks.

Last weekend, he asked me what I had planned for the day, I told him I wanted to continue studying.

He shared he had just gotten paid and he had checked with a truck rental company and that it will only take ten or twelve dollars to get a moving truck for the day.


Dumpster Run

He lovingly wanted to help with a dumpster run.

There were a few items that I had placed aside.

I passed.

I wanted to save money and had been cutting back for a while.



Truck Rental

Today a week from his leaving I woke up and made a few phone calls to truck rental companies.

Saturday is not the day to see if truck rentals are doable.

I wanted an open-bed truck, but no one had any available.


I settled on U-Haul as it is close by and reliable.

Went in, got in line, 10 to 15 minutes later, I was out the door with a very nice truck.


I got home and was rueful from having missed the opportunity of having a willful hand to help me.

I made between 5 and 6 treks between the elements and the truck and the truck was fully loaded.



Out city’s dumpster is only 10 or 12 miles out from where I live.

Got there and unloaded the truck.


Truck Returned

Returned the truck.



Earned an in-and-out burger for my 5 minutes of work.




  1. Dumpster
    • Hygiene Details
      • Our city’s dumpster does not even handle your driver’s license and credit card
      • They use a prong of about two feet
    • Safety Details
      • For people like me who one has to wonder how I got my driver license
      • They stand behind you and help you back in
      • Waving you in
      • As I got out of the truck to unload the car, I marveled at how close she got actually me to the pole that separates the dividing lines
    • Cleaning
      • There are brooms one can borrow to clean out the truck
      • Please per-use the brooms so that you will not be charged by the rental company for returning the trucks a bit littered
  2. Truck Rental
    • The girl that checked the truck back in
      • I looked at her and wondered how she manages this job
      • Knowing how particular girls are about their hair and nails
      • She says she manages
      • Hair looked good
      • And, she wore gloves to cover her pretty nails
      • How I know about the nails
        • She says “I promise you, my nails are cute and neat


  1. Mookie
    • I am so happy and thankful for my brother
    • Knowing me, he knows how accommodative I am
    • I will forever inconvenience myself and leave those items as neatly arranged as I had placed them
    • Overlooking it not to darken my countenance
  2. Albert B.
    • For putting a new roof on the shack to the side of the house
  3. Steve A.
    • And, Steve A. who is one of my adopted brothers
    • Modeled for me to show love by taking care of other people’s homes and things better than they themselves are doing



I know what I need to get a good sleep.

A good and strenuous work around the house.

Or a nice walk around the neighborhood.



Dedicating to Mookie.

Such a sweet and gentle soul.



Spring Cleaning – 2021/April


Please be sure to take and show gratitude to family and loves ones before September.


  1. Rosanne Cash – “September When It Comes” – Live From Zone C
    Channel:- RosanneCashVEVO
    Date Published:- 2012-April-3rd
    Date Added:- 2021-April-17th

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