Phillip Adams, Football Player

Phillip M. Adams

On Wednesday, April 7th, 2021, Phillip Adams, a former NFL player, shot and killed 5 people.

The murdered are:-

  1. Dr. Robert Lesslie, 70
    • Barbara Lesslie, 69 ( Wife )
    • Adah Lesslie, 9 ( Grandson )
    • Noah Lesslie, 5 ( Grandson )
  2. , James Lewis, 38





  1. WCNC
    • Father of Phillip Adams thinks “football messed him up.”
      • Videos
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          Channel:- WCNC
          Published:- 2021-April-8th
  2. KRON 4
    • Ex-49ers player was South Carolina gunman who killed 5: report
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        • Video #1
          Channel:- KRON 4
          Published:- 2021-April-8th



Father of Phillip Adams thinks “football messed him up.”

  1. A man claiming to be the father of the suspect in a mass shooting that left prominent Rock Hill Dr. Robert Lesslie and four other people dead said his son took his own life after shooting six people in York County, South Carolina, Wednesday.
  2. Alonzo Adams, the father of Phillip Adams, a former NFL player and college football star at South Carolina State, said his son shot six people, killing five, before taking his own life.”
  3. I can say he’s a good kid,” Phillips said. “I think the football messed him up.
  4. “I don’t think he ever did anybody any harm,” Adams said, before saying he knew the family. “All I can say is we pray for the family. He used to be my doctor a long time ago. I know they were good folks down there. We’re gonna keep them in our prayers.”
  5. Adams told WCNC Charlotte’s Richard DeVayne his son Phillip Adams had recently moved to Rock Hill from Fort Mill. Alonzo Adams said investigators came to his house Wednesday night and his son took his life inside the home.

Health Issues

  1. Ankle Injury
    • As a rookie late in the 2010 season, Adams suffered a severe ankle injury that required surgery that included several screws being inserted into the leg. He never played for the 49ers again, getting released just before the 2011 season began.
  2. Concussion
    • Later, with the Raiders, he had 2 concussions over 3 games in 2012.
    • Whether he suffered long-lasting concussion-related injuries wasn’t immediately clear. Adams would not have been eligible for testing as part of a broad settlement between the league and its former players over such injuries, because he hadn’t retired by 2014.


Family Man

Scott Casterline, Sports Agent



  1. Adams often isolated himself, even as a player, his agent, Scott Casterline, told the AP. Casterline said he spoke regularly with Adams’ father, who left him a voicemail Wednesday morning.
  2. “He was part of my family. I loved him. He’s a great kid, a great guy. This is so unlike him. He had to not be in his right mind, obviously,” Casterline said.
  3. All of us who knew Philip are shaking our heads. He struggled away from the game. I tried to get him to come to Texas. I was going to find him a job, but he wouldn’t leave South Carolina because he had a son. He was a good father.
  4. “Seeing Philip shoot two kids, it’s not him. I can’t fathom it. It’s devastating for the victims and the families,” Casterline said.



Alonzo Adams

All I can say is we pray for the family. He used to be my doctor a long time ago. I know they were good folks down there. We’re gonna keep them in our prayers.


Honorable Mention

Hugh gratitude to Dr. Bennet Omalu.

The depth and breadth of his work on Chronic Head Trauma – Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy ( CTE ) is both breathtaking and educative.



It is tough for parents.

You raise up your kids.

You introduce them to the good things in life; education, sports, and teamwork.

Unfortunately, sometimes it goes sideways.



  1. ESPN
    • Report: Former NFL player Phillip Adams kills 5 in South Carolina, then himself
  2. Team Sports Agency
    • Team Sports Agency – Meet the Team

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