Engaging Men


My brother has been visiting this last week.

We spent Thursday and Sunday with one of my adopted older brothers.

And, I spent a couple of hours Thursday, on the phone, catching up with an old and dear friend.



The various conversations helped tighten up some of my views.



  1. Conversation Delivery
    • Women
      • Most of the people I talk to and have situational conversations with are women
      • I build the story out
    • Men
      • Engaging men is a bit different
      • They want the main gist
  2. Confidentiality
    • To men, confidentiality is very important
    • Even if you will share some of the conversations, please do not share identifying data and intimate details
    • Men are supposed to be able to hold each other words and slopes
  3. Keep your word
    • If you say, you will do something, please do it
  4. Extend Care
    • If the men have spouses, if they have children extend the same love, care, and attention to their inner circle, as well
    • With time, if you take the time to know their inner circle, intimate and private needs will come up
    • Reason out how to take care of those needs and extend care without being asked
  5. Stay within the flock
    • Please stay within the flock
    • Especially if you drink or use drugs
    • The streets are much too dangerous and risque to be out on your own these days
  6. Live in communities
    • Please clave in communities
  7. Take In
    • Take people in without being asked
    • Everyone needs somewhere to hemmed in
    • Somewhere to hide
  8. Check-In
    • Before going, check-in
    • Once there, check-in
    • While there, check-in
    • When returning, check-in
  9. Build Relationships
    • Think ahead and build relationships before you need them
    • Even before aspiring, understand the value of strategic relationships and brotherhood
  10. Living, Loving, and Doing From Afar
    • Some people you can not love within
    • With those people, live and love them from a bit of distance
    • Same with doing, do for them with spaces in between



  1. Al B.
    • If he is going to say it once, he is going to say it 40 times


Tender Love

Trust your spouse with your affairs.

And, let her know your burden.

Have her cover you within her triune intimacy.

If she is for you, her heavenly father will let her know how to be tender, trustworthy, attentive, and strong.


filled with all the fullness of God. Now to Him who is able to do so much more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us
Ephesians 3:20 ( Link )


In Parting

May the holy one, keep and uphold each of us.

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