Dr. Michelle Drouin:- Life Choices

Author:- Dr. Michelle Drouin
Who Is She:- CEO at Forensic Psychology Consultants | Author | Professor | Research Scientist | Expert Witness | TEDx Speaker
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When I was 7, my mom and siblings fled in the middle of the night to a battered women’s shelter.

We lived for two months in a small room with two twin beds. We didn’t go to school, and I never left the building. We were in hiding.

This year, I helped Parkview Health secure a $724k grant to help victims of domestic violence. We are helping women like my mom and children like me get to safe places. We are giving them transportation and support. During a time when it’s especially hard to escape abuse, we are giving them a lifeline.

My mom told me recently that she had been reluctant to leave. We had no money or car. She felt trapped. But then a counselor told her something that changed our lives:-

You might be able to endure this, but think about how it’s affecting your children.”

That was the tipping point that prompted our escape.

I am incredibly grateful that my mom had the strength to leave, a counselor had the insight to speak up, and a stranger took the time to drive us to safety.

This is a dark and vulnerable time for millions of women and children who are trapped in abusive homes. Look around. Notice when people need help, and offer what you can to keep them safe.

Today, I am grateful to be part of the solution.





In honor of a dear friend, Mariam S.

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