WordPress – Editor – Classic Editor – Accessing


For a while now, the default editor in WordPress is the “Block Editor“.

While in development its code name is Gutenberg.



Some of us old-timers still prefer the classic editor.


Accessing the Classic Editor

Unfortunately, WordPress has made the classic editor a bit hard to get to.



Here are the options you have to access the classic editor:-

  1. Plugins
    • Plugin – Classic Editor
  2. WP Admin

Plugin – Classic Editor

Plugins are only available to those who have signed up for the business plan.

To work through accessing the plugins, please do the following:-

  1. Access “My Site”
  2. Access Plugins
  3. Search on “classic” ( without the quotes )

Unfortunately, can not get you beyond this point; as we have not signed for the Business Plan.

BTW, here is the message we get:-

Upgrade to the business plan to install plugins.


Image – My Site


Image – Plugins



WP Admin ( WordPress Admin )

The other avenue to access the classic editor is via the “WP Admin” route.


  1. Access My Site
  2. Journey to the bottom of the screen fetch “WP Admin” option
  3. Within the WP Panel, please choose the “All Posts” option
  4. Tasks
    • Create ( To create a new post )
      • Access the top of the screen
      • Navigate towards the “Add New Option”
      • Access the drop-down option
      • You are giving two choices ( Block Editor and Classic Editor )
      • Please choose Classic Editor
    • Edit ( To edit an existing post )
      • Review the listing of posts
      • Linger a list bit on the posts you will like to edit
      • Wait for the drop-down menu to appear
      • From the drop-down menu, a list of options are availed
      • Here are the options:-
        • Edit
        • Classic Editor
        • Quick Edit
        • Copy
        • Trash
        • View
      • Please choose “Classic Editor


Image – My Site

Image – WP Admin


Image – Posts – Add New – Drop Down Menu



Image – Posts – Existing Post – Drop Down Menu



  1. WordPress
    • WordPress – Support
      • Classic Editor

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