Church & Society – Prophets – 2021/March


Want to give a quick update on Church & Society; specifically, as it relates to Youtube, Facebook, own App prophets.


Where Things Are

In my own estimation, this is where we are:-

  1. Market-Driven
    • Quick Analysis
      • Though couched as been God and Bible driving most of what is discussed are current events
      • Events of the day
    • Problem
      • People are not getting fed
      • It is more of this is my own take of what God is saying about this event
      • It is basically a talk show
  2. Performative
    • These prophets are mostly performing for a specific audience
    • Here today, gone tomorrow
    • But, then tomorrow, they will adjust to what is in fashion in that season


What can you do?

  1. Reach out to them
    • If they provide contact details, reach out to them privately
    • If they heed good on them
    • If you do not make headway and you think it will help, please reach out through others
    • If they oblige through intermediaries count it as joy



It is unlikely to end well.

But, you would have done your part as a watchman.


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