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          Date Published:- 2020-February-22nd
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  1. Escort interview-Valentina
    • Escort interview-Valentina
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        • Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Valentina, an escort in Los Angeles.
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          Date Published:- 2021-March-10th
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Escort interview-Valentina

  1. Stripping Versus Sex Worker
    • Stripping
      • With stripping, you have to have a good mouthpiece
      • I don’t have it
      • You are there 5 to 6 hours a day
      • I will come out of there with maybe 600 dollars
      • It is hard on your body
      • It is tiring and exhausting
      • Everybody is smoking
    • Sex Work
      • You know what you want
      • They know what they want
      • You just get with it
      • It will take an hour
      • I will leave with about $500
      • I will not leave until I have all of the money that I need
  2. In love
    • Valentina
      • I was in love for about 3 years
      • He will give me about $2000 each month
      • It is not nearly enough
    • Mark
      • I know about thirty ( 30 ) same types of relationships right now
  3. Medical Diagnosis
    • Depression
  4. Responsibility
    • Self
    • Mum
    • Sister
  5. Live
    • Live more openly
    • Live more honestly
    • Wish, I wouldn’t
    • But, they will just love me
  6. Self Love
    • Mark
      • If you believe in love, but then you are selling your body for money
        • There is a conflict that comes about
    • But, it is not just selling yourself
      • You are selling your body
      • You are selling your time
      • You are selling your soul
    • Mark
      • I work as a photographer
      • Like I did yesterday, but when doing so I feel like I am selling myself for money
  7. Reasons
    • It bothers me, but then I have reasons
    • I have a career
      • I have a job
    • Suggest
      • Suggestion to anyone that wants to do this
        • Have something to look forward to
    • Help people
      • Like human connection
    • Go into therapy
    • Broken
      • Broken people
      • we all are
  8. Men
    • Known men my whole lives


Escort interview-Valentina

  1. TimeWatch5
    • In 1960 you would have to travel for years to learn what you learn here in a couple days.
  2. Brittany LeBlanc
    • This channel has given me an entirely different perspective on people. I’m so thankful for that. You never know what someone is going through.
  3. J. wellfleetion
    • She’s tough.
      She minimizes a lot.
  4. Butterfly Blues
    • I’m impressed with how level headed and resilient this young woman is. She’s played the hand she was dealt the best she could. I bet she’ll make an excellent therapist some day. Her ability to remain measured, open, accountable, and direct will be an asset to her career.
  5. U Miller
    • After hearing her say she had a “normal” childhood, I unfortunately sat and waited for the other shoe to drop. Low and behold, she experienced all sorts of trauma that no child should go through. I’ve noticed this similarity in a lot of these stories. Their families and experiences have been so dysfunctional they don’t even realize that there’s absolutely nothing normal about how they lived. Excellent interview. I wish her success and that she’ll be able to use her education and life experiences to help others.
  6. Jerome Love
    • You could walk by this women on the street and think she has a perfect life just by looking at her on the outside…it’s crazy how you never know what people are really going through on the inside.
  7.  Scott
    • “My mom would yell a lot…. my dad was scared of her…… I would get hit……. nothing terrible”
      Most people undervalue what can traumatize a child.
      This is a perfect example
      She deals with the wound the best she knows how.
      Jesus has a special place in his heart for these types of wounds that happen to little girls that later become seekers of love in all the wrong places.
  8. Derek Davis
    • This girl is no dummy. She has issues, as all of us do, but shes on a whole other level. Smart, pretty, and collected. I see big things for her in the long run.
  9. Kayla Eid
    • We love what you do Mark!!!! Thank you for being such a bright light in this dark world! ☺️🙏
  10. Nora Daly
    • Her pain hurts my soul. Her burden is heavy. I wish her comfort and self forgiveness. She’s not a victim, she’s a warrior. Best wishes for her. Her soul is bright and strong. ❤️
  11. Laura Ciocia
    • I feel her authenticity. She’s going to be a great therapist.
  12. tupak169
    • I’m a psychiatrist. Watching the interviews on this channel is literally identical to the daily sessions with my patients. We all have had experienced traumatic experiences in our lives. Some people are able to cope with them better than others. Surround yourself with people that you love and can rely on. That’s the key to happiness.
  13. Nicholas Devine
    • There is a WHOLE LOT of material in Santa Rosa, California when you’re done interviewing people in Southern California. Much different than a huge city like L.A. but completely overwhelmed since even before Covid-19 due to fires. Many tent cities and overpopulated neighborhoods.
  14. Baby Love
    • This dear, beautiful, young lady sounds like someone who has always basically been alone, having to figure out how to deal w life on her own. That she takes care of her mom & her sister speaks well for her character.

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