Apostle Joshua Selman – 2021-March



Apostle Joshua Selman

  1. Koinonia Abuja Inaugural Service with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak
    • Koinonia Abuja Inaugural Service with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak
      • Profile
        • This message was preached at the Koinonia Abuja Inaugural Service on February 28, 2021 at the Chida Event Centre.
      • Videos
        • Video #1
          Channel:- Victor Omebije
          Date Published:- 2020-March-1st
          Date Added:- 2021-March-5th
  2. The principles of effective living
    • Don’t Reveal Your Secret | Apostle Joshua Selman
      • Profile
        • The Full Message is “The principles of effective living” By Apostle Joshua Selman is the founder of ENI (Eternity Network International).
      • Videos
        • Video #1
          Channel:- Kingdom Secrets
          Date Published:- 2020-September-24th
          Date Added:- 2021-February-26th



Apostle Joshua Selman

The principles of effective living

Don’t Reveal Your Secret

  1. Delilah
    • As long as kept his secrets he was OK
    • Soon as he reveals his secrets to a strange woman called Delilah he was finished
    • Covenant of Spirit of might
    • Delilah got up
    • Silence cannot be misunderstood
    • You must know when to speak
    • Looked for the source of illumination in his life and plucked it out
    • Once a great man now he was just pushing and grinding
  2. Holiness and righteousness
    • Used to live in Holiness and Righteousness
  3. Abraham
    • Abraham started his journey he never told anyone where he was going
    • Only Abraham and his sacrifice
    • He loved his wife, he lied for the love of his wife
    • Because of the emotionality fragility of some of the people in our lives, we sometimes have to keep quiet
  4. When it has happened
    • There are certain people, the best time to tell them a news is when it has happened
    • Once shared with, they might lack the faith to continue, and so they will discourage you
    • Abraham shared with his wife
      • As Abraham returned from his mountain journey, he went home to his wife
      • Sat her down and started sharing with her
      • Sarah, you almost lost your son
  5. Emotional
    • Too emotional to be part of your destiny helpers
    • They love you too much
    • They love your presence too much
    • As you prepare to go through the gates of the next level, they will beg you
    • Remember they begged Jesus
      • Master
      • But, Jesus
      • Everybody ran away
      • John the revelator
      • Joseph, his early father
    • Peter
      • Peter, you want access?
      • Do you love me more than this
    • Friend
      • There is a friend who loves you more than a brother
        • Stick to that friend
    • Sister
      • A man loves you for your beauty
      • You are in for a rude shook
    • Brother
      • A woman loves you for your money
    • Things we do especially because we are young
  6. Association
    • Check your association
    • Only those that have earned the rights to you, deserve your presence
    • Proven to be men and women of genuine integrity
    • Truth
      • When you interact with your chosen confidant, hopefully, you sense the atmosphere of truth
      • A genuine atmosphere
  7. Confidants
    • That she can look at me, and say Apostle I do not have a womb
    • It is not a true testimony, I am just using it
    • I can look at you, Jesus is able to do it
    • Who is the man that likes her, and go divulge her secrets
  8. Neighbor
    • Make my neighbor reliable
    • Allow my neighbor to carry an atmosphere that blesses me

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