God speaking for us


It has been an interesting day.



Is it really you?

I have many mothers and fathers.

Unfortunately, years go by that I do not get to speak to some of them.

This morning I called one of my mothers.

She picked up the phone and asked who is this.

I replied Daniel.

She said are you calling professionally or personally.

To confirm, she asked “how we met” and I walked her back quite a few years.

Her long-lost son came to mind.

She lamented how she lost her husband, one of my adopted Dads, back in 2016.

She said her daughter is upstairs working.

Reassuring me that her daughter has her own place, in a new development in town, but comes to her place quite a bit.

Quickly sleeving back through the years, she thought out loud “The development was likely built after you left“.

She caught me up very quickly.

Sharing in-depth.

While taking the time to ask how I am faring, as well.

God’s gift to some is to remain unbruised through the headaches of life.

I was surprised that her mind remains quick-witted.

She provided the information I need with exactness.

There was no need to talk to her daughter; my friend.

We bade our byes, and I know I will call much more frequently.

And, gladly so.


Similar Situation

Based on a referral I approached a good man.

Here is his response:-

No worries, and sorry for your situation.

I know firsthand how these types of changes can impact someone.

And I’m happy to further your cause.

It was the same help I sought a few years ago.

So, you’re doing the right thing.

S. Williams

Called S. Williams after a lull of a couple of years.

She has a prayer ministry.

Heavenly experiences as a teenager.

Seen the man himself.

And, so she knows real.

As we finished up, she said: “let us pray“.

We started praying, me first.

I started praying for fortune on her.

She cut me off.

Don’t pray for me” she argued.

She fussed “I am independently wealthy“.

I am asking you to pray for those without.

As I closed off, she said she was able to pick my unconfessed needs.

She prayed for those areas the spirit reveals and asked me not to speak anymore.

Admonishing me to stop getting in my way.


Called Mum.

Straight to the point “Mum, I called Sis last week.  She said Mookie is headed home”.

She answered, “yes, he is“.

Continuing, “I am waiting for him to call me to come to get him anytime now“.

Thank Goodness.

I replied, “I know you are highly favored and how God loves you so very much.

Closing….”That is all, please return to your peace.  Goodnight.



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Tutored in the word, I have heard quite a few teachers speak of the ability of women to discern the depths of our groans and moans.

Confirming same, I thank my wife, mothers, and these ladies.

BTW, the gentleman who has had a similar experience was also referred through a lady.



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