I need to talk to you


It has been an interesting day for me.


College Roommate

My Needs

I just talked to a very good friend of mine.

We met at college and were roommates for a while.

We have stayed in touch.

There are a set of needs that I have and called him to see how he can help.

He immediately replied.

Though he himself has moved a couple of hours away, he said he travels back and forth.

And, that upon his next set of travels, he will look into my need.

Caring Heart Suppled With Prosperity

As we spoke of my need, he briefly touched on the fact that he occasionally has similar needs.

And, that he has identified resources to help him along the way.

He said he will see if his resources can help mend my needs, as well.


College Roommate Brother In Law


As we closed out, I told him, I have reached out to his brother-in-law, as well.

Intimately he shares, “Daniel has needs of his own“.



As soon as we got off the phone, I called his brother-in-law.

Thankfully, I reached him on my first try.

Surprisingly so; as the phone numbers I have for him have not been used in successive years.

My voice startled him, as he asks “Who is this?

It is a new phone number for him.

I responded with my name.

Once he heard my name, the coolness eased.

Continuing, I said “I just wanted to say Hi” and asked him to please take care.




I know a lady who needs a listening ear.

I called her and just shared my heart with her.

Unfortunately, instead of hearing her out, I rudely poured out my heart to her.

My supplications and my understanding of her pain and insufficiencies of the tools of life.



I am so very thankful to God that occasionally his people feel heard.

Along the way, we are aware of people more needful and with more urgent needs.

Personally, I like those better, as it allows me to set my needs aside.

And, get closer to God’s heart.


Needs Aside

My needs aside.

When God chooses the right people for us to open up to, only then are we are sometimes aware of greater, deeper, and more sober needs.

Thank God he often avails clarity through novel and cunning means.


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