Omarr K. Rambert, April Daniels, LaShawn Daniels



Omarr K. Rambert, April Daniels, LaShawn Daniels

  1. California Bar Exam – Passed
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  2. God will take care of you
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  3. My Love will never be the same
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Le’Andria Johnson

  1. God Will Take Care of You
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        Date Published:- 2014-November-14th



California Bar Exam – Passed

Omar said, “My hands are shaking“.

“Halleluyah, Father God, In the name of Jesus, Thank you Lord, bless your mighty name,” Daniels shouted as she fell to her knees in tears of joy.

Thank you, God.  Glory be to God.


She continued “Lord, you are faithful”.

Rambert covered his eyes as he started to tear up at his desk.

“The mission is accomplished, the bag is secured and this chapter is finished. Shoutout to the big guy upstairs for always holding it down! Officially passed the California Bar Exam,” Rambert said.



God will take care of you

Be not dismayed
God will take care of you
Yes, he will
Beneath his wings
I am at peace saints
My God he done showed up and showed out


  1. CBS42
    • LaShawn Daniels’ Wife April Speaks Out About The Loss Of Her Husband
      Authored:- Erica Pettway
      Dated Posted:- Sep 11, 2019

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