How much good?


As I finally figured out a stumbling code issue, I wanted to share it.

I wanted to share it because a couple of other bloggers had done a good job covering the same issue.

And, it will be good to give them credit; especially ’cause there were some misleading hints in other Q/A forums.

But, then I thought, I should just write for a wider audience; not just to a technical audience.

How much good?


Our topic is how much good?


How People Are

I wonder sometimes how some people are good.

And, how some people are not so good.

But, instead:-

  1. Focusing
    • Focusing on how they will get evermore
  2. Re-Arrange
    • Re-arrange things
    • Re-arrange the audience
    • Re-arrange the data
    • Re-arrange the perspective
  3. Tell a Lie
    • Deny
      • When confronted, they will deny what happened
      • When confronted, they will lie that you got it wrong
  4. Smoke and Mirrors
    • How people will place smoke and mirrors
    • How people will use other people


How Long

And, each of us is left to wonder:-

  1. How long it took to get there
  2. Whether it is redeemable


How Not

And, also importantly, how not to be that person.

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