Ashli Babbitt



  1. Video shows the moment Ashli Babbitt was fatally shot in Capitol
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        Channel:- National File
        Date Published:- 2021-January-6th


Portrait – Man & Wife

Portrait – Drenched




Family, let us continue to pull each other aside and back.

There is no good reason for this young lady to be gone.

Let us continue to show restraint.


Laying Down

There is someone that got up this morning.

But, now laying down in cold ice.

There are no words that can bring her back.

There is no remorse that can comfort her loved ones.

She is a life

Now, it is she had one.


Not In Front

The sad thing is that she was not even in front of the crowd.

There were others in front of her.

It appears the cops knew what was coming.

The cops turned aside.

And, headed back down the stairs.

Seeing and Sensing an open space, she made way.

Took one fatal misstep.

Trying to climb through the door.


By the Numbers


2021 January 6th

Quick Google Search on this phrase:-

Phrase:- Covid-19 died in the world

Link:- ( Link )

Almost 2 million.


Election Certification

2021 January 6th

Count:- 1
Human:- Ashli Babbitt

One ( 1 ) too many.



Ashli Babbitt.

May we never, ever, find words to justify your been gone.

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