Balena :- Etcher – Burning OS Image to USB Drive


In the Linux parlance, a common disk burning command is dd.

Balena / Etcher

Balena produces a USB Burning tool called Etcher.

Based on a couple of web sites, the Balena tool is based on the dd tool.

Cross-Platform is provided via Electron.



  1. Balena / Etcher Sources
  2. Artifacts
  3. Download Artifact
  4. Install or Avail Artifact
  5. Run Tool
  6. Use Tool

Balena / Etcher Sources

Balena Etcher’s tools are available through the following web sites:-

  1. Balena / Etcher


Artifacts / Etcher



Asset OS Bitness URL
Etcher for Windows (x86|x64) (Installer) Windows x86|x64 Link
Etcher for Windows (x86|x64) ( Portable ) Windows x86|x64 Link
Etcher for macOS macOS x64 Link
Etcher for Linux x64 (64-bit) (AppImage) Linux x64 Link
Etcher for Linux x32 (32-bit) (AppImage) Linux x86 Link

Download Artifact

Depending on the computer where you intend to burn the image, please choose the appropriate image.

In our case, our working computer is a PC running Microsoft Windows 10.

As for us, we are exploring the tool and thus chose the portable version over an actual installation.


Images – OS – Windows – Portable

  1. Installation Type:- Portable
  2. Version:- 1.5.109
  3. File Size:- 115 MB


Install or Avail Artifact

As we have a portable artifact, we do not need to perform an install.


Run Tool

Please run the portable tool.



  1. Choose Installer
    • Flash from file
    • Flash from URL
    • Clone Drive
  2. Choose Installer – Flash from file
    • In our case, we have a file
    • Our file is an Apple DMG File
      • DMG File Info
        • The name of the file is InstallMacOSX.dmg
        • The file’s size is about 6 GB
  3. Select Target
    • The Next step is to choose the Target
    • Please select the Target Option
    • Once the Target Option is selected, available USB Drives are listed
    • Please choose the USB you have chosen to use
  4. Flash
    • The next step is to select the Flash Option
    • Once Flash is selected, burning of the image unto the USB is initiated
    • The screen is amply updated with progress status in terms of percent completed


Image – Choose Installer
Image – Choose Installer – List of Installers


Image – Choose Installer – Flash From File


Image – Select target

Image – Select target – List of USB Drives – Initial

Image – Select target – List of USB Drives – USB Device Selected


Image – Flash

Image – Flash – Flashing Initiate


Image – Flash – Flash Completed



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