TransMac:- Burn Apple Mac OS/X to DVD Disc


A good man’s Mac iMac is no longer coming on.

Once started, it tries to re-install Mac OS/X.



  1. Writeable DVD Drive
  2. Blank DVD Drive
    • The Apple DMF file weights in over 6GB
    • And, so we will need a DVD that is bigger than the normal 4.5 GB
    • Please get a DVD Drive of at least 8.5 GB



Let us see if we can burn an Apple OS DMG File onto a DVD Drive.

If successfully burnt, we will move to the “broken” apple computer, and try to re-install the OS via the burnt DVD.



  1. Locate a PC running MS Windows at least v10
  2. Prepare MS Windows 10 computer
    • Insert USB Stick into the Windows 10
    • Avail TransMac
  3. TransMac
    • Start TransMac as an Administrator
    • Avail DMG File
    • Confirm USB Drive
    • Burn DMG File
    • Eject Burnt Disc


Prepare MS Windows 10 Computer

Avail TransMac

  1. Please download TransMac from ( Link )
  2. The downloaded file is a compressed file ( )
  3. Please extract the compressed file
  4. Once extracted, we will have setup.exe
  5. Initiate setup.exe
    • Complete the installation steps



Avail DMG File

  1. Access Menu Options
    • Access Menu Options File \ Open Disk Image
    • The Open Disk Image window appears
      • Please navigate the “Open File Dialog” Window
      • Select the dmg file
      • Once the DMF file has been added, your choice will be reflected in the left Folder panel
Image – Open Disk Image

Image – DMG File Added

Burn DMG File

  1. Select the Added DMG File
  2. Access the DMG File by right-clicking on your DMG File
  3. From the drop-down menu, please choose the “Burn to CD/DVD” option
  4. The “Burn CD/DVD Window” window opens
    • Choose the CD/DVD Drive
    • Confirm the DMG File to burn
  5. The Burning process proceeds
  6. Once the burning is completed, we are informed
Image – DMG File – Options

Image – Burn CD/DVD Image

Image – Burn Media

Image – Burn Completed

Eject Burnt Disc

  1. Select the Burnt Disc
  2. Right-click on your selection
    • From the drop-down menu, choose The Eject Option
Image – Eject Disc



Everything went well on the PC.

The Disc burnt.

But, the burnt DVD was not recognized as a boot image on the Apple iMac.

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