Lauren J. Singer, A Sailor


Congratulations to USO Sailor of the Year Petty Officer 3rd Class Lauren J. Singer. She displayed quick thinking in an incredibly difficult situation.

She was traveling over the Coronado Bridge near San Diego, California, returning to her on-base residence when she noticed a stranded motorist outside his vehicle. Singer asked if he needed any help, and the driver responded that he was fine.

Something in the manner of the driver’s response triggered her intuition and made her feel that something was not right. She noticed the driver putting a rope around his neck. As he was putting a foot on the barrier to jump over the side, Singer rushed to his side, pulling him back. Startled, she grabbed him and asked what he was doing. He coolly responded by saying that today was the day he was going to die.

While Singer was holding the driver, she noticed a knife on the barrier ledge. She cut the rope from around his neck, dropped the knife, and kicked it underneath the car. She then identified a gun in his pocket. She removed the firearm and directed other stopped motorists to lock the gun securely in the trunk and call 911.

She stayed with the suicidal driver until the California Highway Patrol arrived. Singer’s willingness to assist a stranger undoubtedly resulted in saving his life.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Lauren J. Singer is a great example of the young leaders we need in our Navy. Intrinsically Motivated. Calm Under Pressure. Committed to Others.

Congratulations again, we are proud and honored to serve alongside you!


Dedicated to my Bro, Joe E., who posted and shared same on LinkedIn.

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