Oracle – SQL Developer – Installation ( v20.2 )


There are a few things I am unable to do with DBeaver while connected to an Oracle instance.

Let us see if SQL Developer will get around the nook.


  1. Artifact
    • Identify Artifact Source
    • Available Artifacts
    • Identify Artifact
    • Download Artifact
  2. Install Artifact
  3. Launch Application
  4. Use Application
    • Configure



Identify Artifact Source

Oracle SQL Developer is available at


Available Artifacts




OS Bitness File Size Requirement
MS Windows 64-bit 494 MB None
MS Windows 32-bit 413 MB JDK 8 or 11 required
Mac OSX 341 MB JDK 8 or 11 required
Linux RPM 404 MB JDK 8 or 11 required


Identify Artifact

Currently, I am on an MS Windows desktop running the 64-bit variant.

And, so chose the MS Windows 64-bit binary.

Thankfully it has JDK bundled-in.


Download Artifact

Downloaded the artifact.


Install Artifact


No install needed.

The artifact is compressed.

And, so extracted it.


Launch Application

Searched out sqldeveloper.exe from the target of our extraction.


Use Application


To connect to an Oracle Instance, one needs to configure Database Connections.

Just don’t have much time today to review the actual configuration of database connections.

Will instead re-purpose an existing TSNNAMES. ORA file.

Downloaded the existing TNSNAMES.ORA file and availed it at c:\users\dadeniji.

In your case, it will be c:\users[username].


Image – Database Connection



Was able to quickly avail Oracle’s SQL Developer.

The stumbling blocks that confounded us with DBeaver were thankfully vanquished.

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