Covid19:- What the rich have given


samaritan foundation effort amount
Abigail Johnson Fidelity Investments Abigail Johnson and her family have given anonymously to Boston area charities anonymously. Boston’s Seaport Hotel, owned by Fidelity, has made free hotel rooms available to medical professionals treating covid-19 patients, and the hotel’s kitchen has partnered with a Boston food bank to provide hundreds of meals daily for those in need.
Bill Gates Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 300 million 300 million
Carl Icahn Foundation for Greater Opportunity Started with a $3 million donation to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. The remaining $18 million will be managed through “The Foundation for Greater Opportunity”. Already gave $2.5 million to the Robin Hood Foundation, which works to fight poverty in New York. More than 21 millions
Charles Butt and family Howard E. Butt ( Charles Butt father) $3 million in covid-19 giving, which includes $1.2 million for food banks and $300,000 supporting coronavirus research at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute 3 million
Charles Koch Stand Together Raised $50 million, which was distributed to 87,000 individuals and families affected by the pandemic 50 million
David & Julia Koch Contributions to New York-Presbyterian Hospital, research and education, New York and food banks.
David & Julia Koch David Koch Foundation Koch gave $4 million to WGBH’s “Nova” for programming about covid-19. 4 million
David Tepper David A. Tepper Foundation $22 million to efforts including Feeding America and Blue Meridian, which is providing direct cash assistance to those in need. Tepper’s foundation has also paid for mobile hotspots with prepaid Internet service for schools in Charlotte, where the Panthers are located. 22 million
Donald Newhouse Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation $1 million donation to the World Health Organization More than 1 million
Dustin Moskovitz & Cari Tuna Open Philanthropy foundation Moskovitz and Tuna have given $22.5 million to covid-19 relief efforts, including nearly $1.8 million to Harvard for research on serological tests, $627,000 to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai for research on covid-19 testing, and $175,000 to the University of California at Davis for research on antiviral drugs. 22.5 million
Elon Musk 1,000 much-needed ventilators to hospitals and then convert his workforce to produce more
Eric Schmidt Schmidt Futures Funding medical support, personal protective equipment and educational resources for at-risk communities in America and Africa Committed tens of millions of dollars
Gordon Moore Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Yearly outlay of 315 millon. Funds a variety of organizations and projects in science, environmental conservation and health care 315 million
Hank and Doug Meijer Meijer, Midwestern chain of supermarkets Spent $9.4 million on covid-19 relief efforts, including $2.2 million to food pantries and $4 million to the United Way. 9.4 million
Jack Dorsey A billon dollar equity from Square 1 Billion
Jeff Bezos 125 million 125 million
John and Jacqueline Mars Mars, Inc. $20 million in cash and in-kind donation from their company to support the communities most affected by covid-19, including $5 million to CARE for supplies in the developing world for women, children and refugees, $2 million to the United Nations’ World Food Program, and $12 million to local communities. 20 million
John and Jacqueline Mars ( Mars Foundation ) Mars, Inc. The Mars Foundation has donated $500,000 to the Capital Area Food Bank 50,000
Ken Griffin Citadel Bought medical supplies for workers in China’s Hubei province, where the pandemic began; food for needy people in Chicago, where Citadel is headquartered; and research on the virus at medical facilities including Weill Cornell Medicine, Rockefeller University and Imperial College London. More than 20 million
Lachlan Murdoch Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Australia 700 Thousand
Laurene Powell Jobs Emerson Collective America’s Food Fund, FastGrants, the California Immigration Resilience Fund and the World Health Organization.
Len Blavatnik Blavatnik Family Foundation Blavatnik’s foundation donated $7 million for protective equipment and ventilators for hospitals in New York, Connecticut and London and assistance for at-need Jewish communities in New York and London 7 million
MacKenzie Bezos MacKenzie Bezos & Blue Meridian Partners Blue Meridian Partners’ $100 million covid-19 emergency relief fund 100 million
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook 100 million 100 million
Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative 58 million 58 million
Michael Dell Dell and his wife, Susan, donated $100 million: $20 million to the Gates Foundation for its treatment research and $80 million for health care, education and small businesses at the community level. 20 million
Michael Dell ( Dell Match Program ) Dell Match Program ( Dell Computers ) Through the Dell match program, the company is matching every employee donation up to $10,000 per employee per year to several covid-19 relief funds
Mike Bloomberg Bloomberg Philanthropies Prevention and mitigation strategies, partnering with organizations including the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the National League of Cities and the U.S. Conference of Mayors 75 million
Phil Knight ( Nike ) Nike Nike donated $15 million in aid and footwear for health care workers in the United States and Europe 15 million
Phil Knight ( Nike ) Phil Knight personally donated $10 million to Oregon-based organizations: $7 million to Oregon Health & Science University for a statewide response to the pandemic, $1 million to local food banks and $2 million to recovery fund of the Oregon Community Foundation 10 million
Pierre Omidyar Democracy Fund, Flourish, Imaginable Futures Omidyar’s Democracy Fund plans to spend at least $1.5 million supporting local journalism organizations impacted by crashing advertising revenue. Flourish has given $1 million to the Project 100 initiative, which is seeking to raise $100 million to get $1,000 cash payments to 100,000 struggling American families. And Imaginable Futures plans to spend more than $3 million in the United States, Africa and Latin America on child care for essential workers, as well as educational ventures. More than 18 millions
Ray Dalio 100 million 100 million
Sheldon Adelson Las Vegas Sands $250,000 to food banks in Las Vegas 250, 000
Sheldon Adelson Las Vegas Sands Las Vegas Sands has donated more than $2 million in cash and in-kind donations, including 2 million masks and 20,000 protective suits to first responders and medical worker around the nation 2 million
Stanley Kroenke Stanley and Josh Kroenke Given more than $2 million to covid-19 relief efforts through his foundation, including $1 million to Nashville’s covid-19 response fund. Frist’s foundation has also given $1 million to an employee assistance fund at HCA Healthcare, and $400,000 to other covid-19 relief efforts. 500 thousand
Stephen Schwarzman Blackstone Given $15 million to covid-19 relief efforts. $10 million to first responders and health care workers in New York and $5 million to several organizations providing food to New Yorkers in need. 15 millon
Steve and Connie Ballmer Ballmer Group Philanthropy 35 millon in capital to community-based lenders to help local nonprofits access federal Paycheck Protection Program loans 35 million
Steve and Connie Ballmer Ballmer Group Philanthropy 40 million to Detroit, Los Angeles, and Seattle 40 million
Steven Cohen Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation The Cohens plan to give $1 million each to UCLA and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai for covid-19 research, and hundreds of thousands to food banks in Connecticut, Louisiana, Texas and elsewhere. More than 6 millions
Thomas Frist Jr. and family Hospital Corporation of America ( Bill Frist and Thomas Frist Jr) Given more than $2 million to covid-19 relief efforts through his foundation, including $1 million to Nashville’s covid-19 response fund. Frist’s foundation has also given $1 million to an employee assistance fund at HCA Healthcare, and $400,000 to other covid-19 relief efforts. 3.4 million
Thomas Peterffy Interactive Brokers Feeding America and the Gates Foundation 5 millon
Waltons — Jim, Alice, Rob, Lukas and Christy Walmart Foundation $25 million donation for organizations coping with the virus: $10 million to food banks, $10 million to local communities and $5 million to prevention and detection 25 million


Cheers Up

Cheers up to these generous men and women.


Notable Mention

  1. Microsoft
    • Bill & Melinda Gates
    • Steve Balmer
  2. Amazon & Washington Post
    • Jeff Bezos
    • MacKenzie Bezos
  3. Twitter
    • Jack Dorsey



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