The Prophetic:- Year 2021 – Weigh Basis and Likely Outcome


In this post, let us weigh some of the reasons why there will be many prophecies.

And, also touch on the likely outcome.

Wednesday 2021-January-20th

Wednesday, Jan 20th, 2020 is the inauguration date of POTUS ( President of the United States of America ).



  1. The Prophetic:- Year 2021 – Basis



Here are the factors that we identified.


  1. Covid-19
  2. Economy
  3. Politics
  4. Deep Mistrust of Institutions
  5. Vehicle for Prejudice
  6. Edge Into Preferred Policy Decision


This is a rough timeline of a plague.

  1. Before the Plague
  2. The Plague
  3. Surrounding Incidents
  4. Tools to Address and Ease
  5. The aftermath of the plague

Before the Plague

There are likely practices that breed plagues.

Health Scientists attempt to look for what allowed the plague to breed in the first place.

It will be wise to allow the following:-

  1. Allow Science to lead
  2. Ease Transparency
  3. The purpose should be to identify and not cast blame

The Plague

Personally, my family and I have lost family members, extended family members, adopted family members to this epidemic.

Those family members were not there during Thanksgiving, will not be there for Christmas, to ring in the new year, to take in the first sun rays of spring, nor sneeze through the first pollen of spring.


Surrounding Incidents

Please keep an eye on the root causes and be able to identify correlating incidents.

The main should remain the main and the secondaries should be seen as being driven through the lens of the main.


Tools To Address and Ease

Please remain vigilant and supportive of tools that will be deployed to address the main health crises.

Ease the cost to your neighbors.


The aftermath of the Plague

As we return to normalcy each of us will be happy to the extent that we contributed to the safeguarding of ourselves, our neighbors, and communities.



As the plague is addressed, the economy will prayerfully take root.

Unfortunately, there are many jobs that will likely not come back.

Please continue to support your neighbors.

Allow your life choices and prophetic admonitions and encouragements to strengthen the resolve of those less fortunate.


By Spring of 2021, we likely will have a government in place.

We have to show discernment in reviewing and interpreting how the legitimacy of the government is being questioned.

We have to look at our role in strengthening the hands of its officials.


Deep Mistrust of Institutions

During a plague, institutions weed more power.

Institutions such as governments, law enforcement, courts, organizations, and businesses will accumulate power during plagues.

Through that power, they will hope to speak with a single voice.

One can only imagine how little decisions can draw out if not spoken through a singular voice.

Opposition and Doubters will flourish and neutralize what would otherwise save lives and reduce costs.


Vehicle for Prejudice

Prejudice comes cloth in many disguises.

One has to look within himself and say what are my natural instincts; where is my blindspot, how am I addressing it, and what are its costs to me.


Edge Into Preferred Policy Decision

Prophets” use prophecies to forestall policy changes.

Unfortunately, the trickery makes a mockery of prophecies.

And, cheapens an otherwise worthy calling.



The outcome of each prophecy rests on each of us.

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