The Prophetic:- Year 2021 – Basis


If you think prophecies concerning 2020 was a lot, then wait out the next 6 weeks or so.

From now till the end of next January. Specifically, 2021-January-31st.

Wednesday 2021-January-20th

Wednesday, Jan 20th, 2020 is the inauguration date of POTUS ( President of the United States of America ).



Let us outline the basis for the prophecies.


  1. Covid-19
  2. Economy
  3. Politics
  4. Deep Mistrust of Institutions
  5. Vehicle for Prejudice
  6. Edge into a Preferred Policy


Covid-19 has laid waste to the economy.  It has heightened fears in all of our hearts and minds.

The fear and trepidation will be hijacked and instrumented for claims:-

  1. They will say they prophesized the plague
  2. They will speak of seeing ahead of time the correlating incidents
  3. They will say I told you so as to the tools being used to address the plague
  4. Speak ahead of time per the aftermath of the plague



Covid-19, Global Issues, and Cyclical issues have devastated the economy.

The devastation has caused anxieties to all.

That anxiety is being used as the basis for more anxiety.



We are still in the middle of a hotly contested election.

Unfortunately, losing elections causes a loss of hope.

The loss of hope will translate to readiness and willingness to prophesy.


Deep Mistrust of Institutions

It is not prophetic to say there is a general mistrust of many institutions.

I think each of us has to review each institution and see the reasons for our level of mistrust.


Vehicle for Prejudice

Unfortunately, many use prophecy as a vehicle to prejudice one group against another.

Rather than for a person to say this is how I feel about this person and these are the reasons for my feelings, some find it easier to place that person into a group and sow doubt about the group.


Edge Into Preferred Policy Decision

These days a common practice is to use prophecy to edge institutions into one’s preferred policy decision.

That is to say if an institution chooses one policy over another these are the prophetic calamity that will entail.



So listed above are some of the basis for the promulgations of prophecies.

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