Why Blog?


Why blog?

For me, the answer to that question has been years in the making.

Other Voices

  1. Troy Hunt
    • The ghost who codes: how anonymity is killing your programming career
      Published On:- 12 FEBRUARY 2013
  2. Scott Hanselman
    • Dark Matter Developers: The Unseen 99%
      Published On:- 2012-March-7th

Personal Reasons

Here are my reasons:-

  1. Journaling
    • It helps to journals one’s own existence
    • Examine yourself
    • Examine your motives
  2. Introspect
    • Look Inside
    • Look Within
  3. Take Account
    • Take Account of what you know
    • Take Account of what you used to know
  4. Share How
    • Share how you came to know
    • The person you took and acquired from
    • The Situation
  5.  Communication
    • Written
      • It helps with written communication
    • Oral
      • Orally, as well
      • It helps to read your own blog
      • See and Sense its flow
  6. Education
    • It helps educate you
    • Anyone who is ever taught in a classroom or written a book will confess to having blind spots in certain areas of the subject material
    • Having to teach it often meant reading what would otherwise have been so easy to skip over
  7. Economize Your Time
    • Not very many like and enjoy doing the same over and over again
    • Writing it down once and editing/updating thereafter means not having to relearn each time
  8. Open
    • It opens one up to feedback
    • It hopefully leads to correction and amends
  9. Student
    • It means one is actually a student
    • And, not just a consumer of other’s information, ideologue, and trends
  10. It is free
    • It is free
    • Most Blogging Platforms are free
    • Blogging in return offers an economical use of time and resources

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