Being Robbed of Joy – Life Skills


This is a post that I have been wanting to write for a few days.

Let us go at it.


You are going to get an email.

You are going to get a phone call.

Someone is going to ask you something.

Someone is going to want something from you.



And, you are going to look at the ask.

You will say what is being asked of me here.

  1. Leave everything I am doing to come help you
  2. What do you need me to do?
    • Financial Help
    • Listening Help
    • Coping Help
  3. Let us discuss this more



Leave everything I am doing to come help you

If you are being asked to leave everything you are doing to come help them, please sensibly think and work it out with them.

  1. Work
    • You know I am at work
    • You know I work from home
  2. Epidemic
    • Share with them that you know we are in the middle of an epidemic
    • We are in shutdown mode


Financial Help

We all have financial needs.

We all keep a job.

We all have bank accounts.

So that we can address those needs.

Listening Help

Please take listening classes.

I took mine at church via Stephen’s Ministry.

Listening well is one of the most underrated skills there is.


Coping Help

We all need help coping with the many maladies of life.

Encourage each person to be very careful and discerning as to the tools they harbor to cope.


Discuss This More

When they say to you let us discuss this more.

Please humor me.

Don’t take that bait.

They know what they want.

They have what they want.

They just want to disqualify your merits and arguments.

It is yet one more opportunity to arm themselves of reasons why they are deserving and you are not deserving.

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