Ironically, let us talk about listening.


  1. Rest
  2. Expectation
  3. Relational Investment
  4. Boundaries
  5. Observe
  6. Meditate



In all things, rest.

Take a deep breath.



One of the pre-requisites to listening well is expectations.

No matter how well you want to listen, if your expectations are set too high, you will likely be unable to listen well.

So beloved think ahead:-

  1. What are your expectations?
  2. Which expectations will you force on your listeners?
  3. Which expectations does the situation require outside of how you present it?

Relational Investment

Listening is a bit dictated as to how much you have invested in your targeted communities and personhood.



Please also aware yourself of the boundaries of each relationship.

Once you trample on people’s boundaries they will likely clam up a bit.



Please keep a journal:-

  1. What you created
  2. How you choose whom to share it with
  3. What you are sharing
  4. How you will present it
  5. How you share it
  6. How you wrap it up






Beloved, please take time to think and reflect on how well you are listening.


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