Election:- 2020 – Reflections within Christianity – 2020/December


Post Election 2020, some church leaders are sitting down, hearing each other out, and asking what happened?


  1. Pat Robertson
    • The 700 Club – December 10, 2020
      • Profile
        • A woman escapes “the game” of human trafficking after 17 years. See what she’s doing today to help rescue other enslaved girls. Plus, discover how can you fight back against fake News on today’s 700 Club.
      • Videos
        • Video
          Channel:- The 700 Club
          Date Published:- 2020-December-10th
  2. Dr. Michael Brown
    • Getting God’s Perspective on Donald Trump
      • Video
        Channel:- AskDrBrown
        Date Published:- 2020-November-30th
  3. Benny Hinn
      • Profile
        • Pastor Benny Hinn’s statements about President Donald Trump – after his first election victory and second election loss – are quite revealing…
      • Videos
        • Video
          Channel:- Tawia Acheampong
          Date Published:- 2020-November-22nd
  4. Donnie Swaggart
    • Donnie Swaggart’s Letter to President Trump
      • Profile
        • Sunday November 29th, 2020 at Family Worship Center Service Donnie Swaggart delivers his letter to President Donald Trump.
      • Videos
        • Video
          Channel:- SonLife Broadcasting Network
          Date Published:- 2020-November-22nd


Getting God’s Perspective on Donald Trump

  1. Traditional prophets do not lead churches
    • Prophets give the word and sit down
    • Pastor lead churches
    • The prophetic is weighed
  2. Prophets should be more exact
    • It is not Ok to say the prophetic was right
      • He won the election but it was stolen
  3. Deep Discussions with church head
    • How did the prophetic get it wrong
    • Ask for forgiveness
    • How do we make sure that it does not occur again

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