Rap:- Humble Talk


Again, there is so much negativity around the culture these days.

And, so take time to listen to positivity.

Even if it is away from the music itself.



  1. G Herbo
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      • G Herbo Addresses Safaree Showing Him a Gun in the Studio with Nicki Minaj
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          • G Herbo – formerly known as Lil Herb – has been busy in the studio working on new projects, including a new collaboration with Tink and Timbaland which he spoke about exclusively with VladTV. The Chicago rapper said the project should be out soon, and when asked about working with Timbaland, G Herbo said it was surreal for such a respected producer to be feeling the songs that he played in the studio.
          • During the conversation, the “Retro Flow” rapper also spoke about his name getting involved in Nicki Minaj’s leaked text messages to Safaree, where she got mad at her ex for showing Herbo a gun in the studio. The Chicago rapper told us that despite Nicki seeming mad in the texts from that night, she was open and welcoming in the studio.
          • You can hear more from Herbo in the above clip, including his thoughts on Meek Mill and 50 Cent beefing, and how he would react if someone made a diss track about him.
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            Channel:- djvlad
            Date Published:- 2016-February-3rd
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            • Producer:- Metro Boom, Timbaland
            • Rappers:- Joey BadAss
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            • Red Bull Sound Select
    • G Herbo Addresses Bibby’s Chain Getting Stolen in CT, Groupie Stealing His Chain
      • Profile
        • G Herbo opened up about wild hookups with groupies during a recent interview with VladTV, but the Chicago emcee had some experience that he’ll never forget. G Herbo spoke about the time a groupie stole his chain for attention, and he added that he got it back with the help of a mutual friend.
        • To hear more of what G Herbo had to say, including rumors of Lil Bibby’s chain getting stolen in Connecticut, hit the above clip.
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        • Video #1
          Channel:- djvlad
          Date Published:- 2017-February-2nd
  2. MC Eiht
    • MC Eiht: 2Pac Went Backwards By Affiliating Himself with Gangs
      • Profile
        • MC Eiht opens up about celebrities and their gang affiliation during this interview with DJ Vlad. The Compton native and Crip member talks about knowing Tupac and explains how his connection with gangs led to his demise. The rapper says that Tupac began stamping himself with the Mob Piru in hopes to show loyalty, but says the star didn’t have to prove anything.
        • “It’s certain things that you don’t do just to want to belong.” He explained that it was always Pac’s choice, but nonetheless, he didn’t have to pursue that lifestyle, “They shouldn’t like you no better if you were a rapper or if—hey, now you got to put this rag in your back pocket.”
        • Nearly 20 years after Tupac’s death, singer Chris Brown is now in a similar position for his affiliation with Bloods. The Tappahannock, Virginia native was thrown into immediate stardom as a teen, and now at 26, he’s a multimillionaire, with many accolades, linked to one of the biggest gangs. Although Brown is scrutinized, MC Eight says gangbanging has changed since his young days.
        • “It’s not a life and death situation. When I gangbanged it was a life and death situation. I didn’t get to go to Grammy parties when I was gangbanging and even when I started rapping, I was still affiliating myself. So it was more for me being accepted going back to the block as to getting invited to somebody’s party.”
      • Videos
        • Video #1
          Channel:- djvlad
          Date Published:- 2016-February-3rd
    • MC Eiht: Suge Knight Let Money and Power Get the Best of Him
      • Profile
        • MC Eiht exclusively spoke to DJ Vlad about Suge Knight’s successful days as a rap mogul to now facing a murder charge for a deadliy hit-and-run. The Compton native suggested that Suge’s success may have gotten him caught up in his recent trial, “Money and power will side-track the s*** out of you if you ain’t the type of mother f***** who knows how to handle power and money.” Despite seeing most people in the industry get swallowed up by their fame and fortune, he says people should remain grounded and remember their roots.
      • Videos
        • Video #1
          Channel:- djvlad
          Date Published:- 2016-January-23rd


G Herbo

G Herbo Addresses Safaree Showing Him a Gun in the Studio with Nicki Minaj

  1. Nicki
    • Ain’t know why he showed up with a gun
    • Little Wild Negroes from Chicago like guns
    • “It was a nice gun it was nice he had him a nice chrome a lil beretta nice”
    • It probably ain’t no illegal guns, he could ride with it when he wants to
    • I Live in LA, it is impossible to get a concealed, carry gun license
    • See I ain’t know that
    • Nicki seems happy
    • Did you try to holla at Niki while you are out there, smooth Negro be chilling
    • Smooth little young Negro
  2. Rap Beef / Chicago
    • Don’t Respond, especially in the city
    • Dude homies see me pull up
    • I never respond as I be everywhere

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