Prophetic:- Todo – Packaging


Let us talk a bit about the prophetic.

Specifically, how to package a word from a Holy God.


  1. Consecrate
  2. Wait
  3. Receive
  4. Package


In this post, we will cover how to package a word.


  1. Intended
    • Pray for the intended
    • Pull the intended aside
  2. Seal the Word
    • Open the sealed word
    • Share your Lord’s word
    • Close the word
  3. Thank Your God



Pray for the Intended

Please pray for the intended.

It is not your word that matters.

What matters the most is the intended soul and spirit.

Secondary is the personhood.

Pull the Intended

Pull the intended aside.

It is preferably to pull the intended aside.

Yes, some are called to the Nations.

Some are called to deliver a message to the entire congregation.

Mine is very limited, and it is usually to a single set apart person.


Seal The Word

Open the Sealed Word

Please, beloved, make sure that the word is sealed and remains sealed.

Share your Lord’s word

It is not the word.

It is not your word.

It is the Lord’s word.

It should never be a long explanation.

It should be succinct.

Yes, you can talk about other things at a later time.

But, when and while given a prophetic word, please make it just that.

No need to give your own reading nor explanation.

Close The word

Close the word.

Again, make it brief.

And, close it carefully, properly, and promptly.

Thank God

Be subservient to no one, but to your God.

And, that is who deserves your gratitude.




Some people seat in the post of prophets.

Personally, I think that is a very, very rare group.

Those people have to listen to God quite a bit and go out and give words more readily.

To me, it is not an enviable trust.


The Rest of Us

Pray for people.

Invest in their wellbeing on a day to day affairs.

In doing so, people will be more willing and prepared to receive a word from you.

Please give the recipients an out.

Please don’t force the message.

Employ plenty of grace.

Please do not give a message that is self-serving or will subservient the intended to you or your spirits.


Honorable Mention

Honoring my brother Sultan.

He was the first one who introduced the concept of sealing up a message to me.



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