The Church & Society – 2020/November


  1. Michael Ramsden – Evidential Spirituality
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        Uploaded :- 2019-April-4th
  2. The Failings of the Church
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      • The evening that inspired Ravi Zacharias’s latest book: “Has Christianity Failed You?”
      • On May 11, 2006, Ravi Zacharias, and Michael Ramsden confronted the question of the failure of Christianity before a sold-out audience at Atlanta’s renowned Fox Theatre.
      • Here, both speakers address the failings of the Church and seek to demonstrate the difference between those who falsely claim to represent the church, and those who truly serve it.
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        Channel:- Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
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  3. Ravi Zacharias – The American Church
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      • Is America Really Christian?
        Category: Religion and Philosophy
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        Channel:- Faith Reason
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In Depth

The Failings of the Church ( Question from Charles )


The Church today is :-

  1. Bio-politics
  2. Filled with hate
  3. Veiled racism
  4. Misappropriation of funds, etc.
  5. Why should I associate with the church with recognition of

Answer :- Michael Ramsden ( Segment 0 – 3:45 )

  1. Life-Changing
    • If we preach a life-changing message
    • People should expect to see lives changed
  2. Preached word
    • The fact that many preach a dissonant message should make us think and ponder
    • But, not to despair
  3. Distinction
    • You yourself are making a distinction between the true church and the church
    • Which we agree can be dominated by so many other factors
    • Agreeably, is no church at all
  4. British TV
    • Atheist lined up against me
    • What about all the things done in the name of Christianity like wars
    • I will say look at other tenants
      • Democracy
        • I will say if you at leadership and see fault
        • I will say don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater
  5. Moral Categories
    • Allow the moral categories to lead you
    • Trying to examine the moral categories outside of God will be very difficult
    • Do not forsake Christ because of something you might have seen somewhere
  6. Search
    • In response, search for the truth
    • Jesus said if anyone comes looking for him, I will in no way cast him aside
  7. Middle East
    • I grew up in the middle east in Saudi Arabia
    • If anyone calls a Church Meeting, there is no forgiveness for that sin
  8. Church – Went to church for the first time
    • Filled with hypocrites
  9. Church – Went to church – In time
    • But, then just a short time later met one or two people
    • They meant it and there was something very different about their lives

Answer:- Ravi Zacharias

  1. News we hear
    • Proximate Christianity to that news
  2. In the Middle East
    • Medical Care
      • In the 70s
      • At the tip of the Sahara
      • Went to a place where people besieged with Leprosy are being cared for
      • As I approached the door, I was scared to touch the door’s knob
      • Here I am, people are binding the wound, yet I think my Jesus is not enough to safeguard me
  3. Jesus – approach cross
    • People
      • People sold him out
      • Peter denied him
      • His disciples were like a bunch of boy scouts hiding far behind
    • Army
      • It was not a mighty army moving the church of God
    • Entrusted
      • And, that is who he entrusted his message to


Ravi Zacharias – The American Church

  1. Problems with America is not America, but the Church
  2. Engineered
    • We have become experts at engineering feelings without forethought
  3. Thinking
    • Very little thinking goes on in Church
    • Chorus
      • Repeat Things
      • Parrot Things
      • Not listening to what is being said or asked of us
    • Our answers are very shallow
  4. Bargained
    • In exchange for seeker-friendly, we have become message unfriendly
  5. Lacks Depth
  6. Life
    • Life has its jagged edges against us
    • yet, we are giving simplistic answers
  7. Entrapped
    • Music
      • We are thinking music is everything
      • Forgetting it is only one thing
  8. Other Important Tools
    • Teaching and Ideals are important
    • “Expenditure of words without an income of ideas will lead to conceptual bankruptcy”
    • “We are so conceptually bankrupt on this”
    • “We will sink deeper and deeper into parroting phrases that will have little relevance in ours and others lifestyles”
    • And, that is our real problem
  10. On the Other Side
    • Are young people
    • Who is trying to ask the hard questions
  11. Europe
    • Europe is expelling Christianity
    • But, that will not last forever
    • It will not be ill-religious for long
    • In time, another religion will step in
    • And, completely change their culture
    • A religion giving to them by choice will be replaced with religion that will not be given by choice
    • That new religion will take over
  12. The world will be dramatically affected by two nations in the next century, China and India


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