The Good You Do

This Thanksgiving night as I lay lone in bed, with a single thing on my mind…

It is thoughts of you, the good you do…

A Note

My Life My Love

The evenings we spend
The nights we held
Like it was ours alone

Even when you tire
You hold on
Till I am well and spent

You Drain And Receive all of Me
Knowing it is well saved
For you and You Alone


Kids Ready For Life

Love to see you
Fuss Over the Kids
Always Seeing the best in them
Always a step ahead sensing each need
Hoping and Praying they do well

Asked You to please make a wish list for Christmas
As I look through it
Tried But Couldn’t take Nothing Out
Wouldn’t dare to

Each thing was added with thoughts
And Love


Parents & Grannies

How can I not love them?
How can I not wish them?
Seeing in them all our parents and grannies saw in us

The broken promises due to my hardheadedness

Here God trying again

Promising not to mess it up

For your sake

And, their none bitterness



Listening To…

  1. Dave Loggins
    • Pieces of April



Good Night Love.

I got you.

God got us.

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