Kim Clement


  1. Trump Prophecy
    • Trump 2020 Prophecy – Kim Clement
      • Videos
        • Video #1
          Channel:- Joe Joe Dawson
          Date Published:- 2019-December-19th
  2. Kim Clement, Chuck Missler, Ron Matsen
    • Q&A April 29th Kim Clement Interview
      • Profile
        • Chuck Missler and Ron Matsen take a moment to host a guest, who has been the centre of much conflict here on the internet. Chuck and Ron invited Kim Clement on to their weekly QA show, and the answers Kim gives may surprise a lot of you. This was broadcast on the 29nd of April 2015.
      • Videos
        • Video #1
          Channel:- Koinonia House
          Date Published:- 2015-April-30th


Trump Prophecy

  1. Prophecy
    • Metadata
      • Date Giving:- 2014-February-22nd
    • Words
      • God said I have found a man after my own heart
      • Supreme Court
        • Step Down
          • Out of embarrassment, two shall step down
        • Search for righteousness
      • Restoration of Fortune
      • Throttling
        • Throttle the enemies of Israel
        • Throttle the enemies of the west
      • Politicians
        • Many politicians will be embarrassed
        • There will be a shaken among the democrats in the upcoming elections
        • Same thing for the republicans
        • God is dissatisfied with what is coming from both parties
      • Impeach
        • Not During Obama’s Reign
        • Post Obama Presidency
          • Nation will arise
          • Shout Impeach
          • But, impeachment will not occur
      • Snowden – 2nd Coming
        • Another Snowden Arises
        • Highly Embarrassing
      • Afraid
        • Men will be scared
        • Men will be afraid
      • Witch
        • The enemy will try to put a witch in the WhiteHouse
        • Jezebel
          • Be careful with Jezebel
          • Jezebel has chased away the prophets even Elijah
      • Go into marketplace
        • Time
        • Newsweek
        • The View
      • Trump
        • Trump will become a trumpet
      • Bill gates
        • Bill Gates will open up the gates of the financial realm
      • New York / 9-11
        • gatekeeper over new york
        • will stand over New York
        • Filled with spirit
        • Praying President
        • Not a religious one
      • Economy
        • The economy will change rapidly
      • Two Terms
        • Not praying when he starts
        • But, he will become a praying one
        • Baptized with Holy Spirit

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