Pinterest => 2020/November

3 Mistakes of My Life

Anne Bronte – The Thorn And The Rose

Buddha – Like and Love

C.S. Lewis – Everything Is Different

Charles Bukowski


David Bowie – Boring

Deuteronomy 28:6


Tears Out



Henry Scott-Holland – Death Is Nothing At All

Hunter S. Thompson

Instincts And Trust


Listening To Lies And Knowing The Truth

Damage-ness And Love

Explaining Self – Levels of Perception

It didn’t kill me, but something inside me died


Perfectly Hurt

J.R.R Tolkien

Angels don’t live in Hell

karma => Emptiness World

Karma => Lesson Learnt

Lewis Carroll – Alice In Wonderland –¬† A Different Person


Lord Bryon On Nature

Learning To Think A New

The Minds Journal – Emotional Wellbeing

Mother Teresa – You And God

Najwa Zebian – Breaking a Bird’s Wings

Soul Upkeep

Nitika Gill – The Truth About Monsters

Nakita Gill – Tell Your Daughters

Understanding Who I am

Robette L Boozer Privacy Is Power

Protecting Your Heart

Some Days

The Girl Who Is Always There For Everyone Else

Staying Quiet Does Not Mean I Have Nothing To Say

Understanding Steeming from Level of Perception


Thomas Merton – No Man Is An Island

Those who left, left us a lesson

Trent Shelton – The heart that’s meant to love you

Truth & Lies


Falling Apart And Surviving

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