Ministries & Church Leadership


Along the line of Angel Tree, one of our Church’s Prison Ministry initiative, I will like to touch on a surprising illumination that I received just yesterday.

It is in ministries that back sitters like myself get to interact a bit more with our Church Leadership.


As we weigh our options and make adjustments due to Covid-19, we find ourselves having to go back and talk to our Church Leadership.

Graceful and In Love

We go to them and say “this is our option” and they come back right away and say “Yes, let us proceed gracefully in love and try to touch as many people as we can“.



Yes, when we engage in the traditional door to door delivery they pray over us.

But this year as we consider the Virtual Option, they are enthusiastically covering us in prayer and grace.

Opting through membership polling to sense congregants’ comfort level.



In all things removing barriers and ensuring the smoothness of processing and operations.

Clean hands

Shown clean hands.

Held up high.



Beloved, thank God if you find yourself covered thoroughly in the season we all find ourselves.

Has your Church pastoral staff stayed with and within God and ensured your safe harbor?

Have they shown they care about people?

Have they shown they are a bit ahead of your dodginess and thus been a light?

Have they been able to let you know that it is their ministries?

Have they shown they are aware of what it entails and what is going on?

Yes, they are entrusting it to you and granted you autonomy and free reign.

But, proximately, prophetically, and pastorally they are guiding it through submission to God.

Mine has.

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