Ex – And, Moving On


One of my exes called me and sought advice.



She was very open along the following lines:-

  1. How long she has known her new man
  2. How long they have been intensely dating
  3. His background, education, and current family unit and structure
  4. The time they are spending with each other
  5. His plans for her
    • How they plan to live
    • Where they will like to live



We dug a bit better

  1. Know You
    • Does he know you
  2. Know the Relationship
    • Does he know how to manage the relationships during its nadirs?
  3. Advocacy
    • Your People
      • Does he have an advocate with your people ( your family )
    • His People
      • Do you have trusted advocates on his side?
      • Does he have people that he trusts and listens to
  4. What are his plans
    • How does he plan to support his family?
  5. What does your circle look like?
    • How is so and so doing
      • Well, we are no longer as close as we used to be
  6. What are your next plans?
    • What is planned for next?
    • When will that occur?



It is very important to do the following:-

  1. Value People
  2. Listen Well
  3. Abide in the Holy Spirit



In closing it is normal for:-

  1. People
    • Ask for your candor, you openness
    • Your Advice
    • Your Blessings
    • Your Prayer
    • Ask you for blind spots



God, please prepare us.

Sober us.

Remove us.

Empty our self service-ness.

For your children’s sake, prepare and teach us Lord.

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