Angel Tree – 2020 – Traditional


Because of Covid-19, our Church opted to participate in Virtual Angel Tree this year.


  1. Virtual
    • Virtual Path – 2020


Historically, we go the traditional route.  Here is what that entails.

  1. We get a list of Angels
  2. We divvy up the list among coordinators
  3. Each coordinator contacts the caregivers for his or her assigned Angels
  4. During the contact here is what is discussed
    • The upper limit for a gift is communicated by the Coordinator to the Caregiver
      • For our church, we are usually around $25 to $30 for each Angel
    • Each Angel
      • Name
      • Gender
      • Age
      • Desired Gift
    • List of Additional Angels in the House that are under the Angel of 18
    • Contact Information
      • Phone Numbers
      • Email Address
    • Physical Address
      • The Address where gifts will be delivered
    • Next Steps
      • Projected delivery dates
      • Customarily gifts are delivered in early to mid-December
  5. Angel Cards
    • Once we have a firm list of Angels along with their age, gender, and desired gifts
    • We prepare little Angel cards bearing same
  6. Angel Trees
    • Angel Trees are decorated with the Angel Cards
    • And, placed at strategic places in the Church hallway
  7. Church Congregants – Pick Angels
    • Congregants
      • Church Congregants pick the Angels
    • Coordinator
      • Co-ordinators update our internal database
        • By each chosen Angel, we place the name of the congregant that chose the Angel
        • The congregant contact details – Phone Number & Email Address also noted
  8. Church Congregants – Purchase Gifts
    • The Church congregants purchase the gifts
    • And, return gifts to the House of Worship
  9. Angel Tree Coordinators – Prepare Gifts
    • Angel Tree Coordinators prepare gifts by doing the following
      • Sort
      • Group by family
      • Bag based on family
    • Fillers
      • Buy additional gifts based on:-
        • Angels Chosen by Congregants
          • Gifts Yet Returned
        • Angels yet chosen, but other members have been gifts
          • Not a good look for family members to have gifts, but one or two ungifted
  10. Angel Tree Coordinators – Coordinate Delivery
    • Pastoral request made for delivery drivers
    • Delivery drivers
      • List created for drivers
        • Driver Names and contact details noted
        • Coverage Area in terms of destination cities noted
  11. Angel Tree Coordinators  & Delivery Drivers – Hand over gifts
    • Gifts handed over to delivery drivers
    • Along with the gifts the names and contact details of the caregiver for each gift is entrusted, as well
  12. Delivery Drivers – Gift Delivery Preparation
    • Delivery drivers contact the family through the caregiver
    • And, delivery time and place arranged
  13. Delivery Drivers – Gifts Delivered



Listed above are the steps we often undertake when we deliver Angel Tree gifts using the traditional pathway.

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