Life & “Righting Wrongs”

Bryson Tiller

I got Bryson Tiller playing in the background
Trying to think
But, needing something worthy to think
Layer my thoughts over



With Life and so much happening
Somehow how I forget
The things that really matter


Social Media

Little Note

But last night I was looking through a friend’s social media posts
In the middle of his timeline
Stuck the little note
It read:-

Took Mum In to Hospital
She wasn’t feeling well
Upon getting there
They said it was a COVID case


Later on, it read

She fading
Fading a bit bad



Happy that I read this one-note.

He is a good man.

Knowing him, I know his mother must be special



We are Wrong

If she really fading, I hope God is wrong this one time.

She an Angel

And, she still got plenty of LIFE to give, share, and live

Knowing God is never wrong

I just know this one time, we are Wrong

He left us unprepared

So very unprepared


Grace in Loss

This last year

This last year is been one

Is been worn

On taking losses

Grace in taken losses


Far and Further Apart

Last time we took a lost

My brother said to me all we can hope is that the losses are further apart

Knowing the mirror label reads “objects can appear further than they really are

But, God I know how close these losses really have come lately

And, so God lay on me as I don’t know how to judge distances anymore



I don’t know

But, is this how we lay down these days

Alone, without no one

No love ones

No family to stand with us

Gently release us

Usher us in



Listening to…

  1. Bryson Tiller
    • Bryson Tiller – Right My Wrongs (Official Video)
      Channel:- Bryson Tiller
      Date Published:- 2020-September-25th



Keep my friend’s family in prayer.
Mine too.
And, I promise to do likewise towards yours.

No matter how this election goes…
I hope ___ stay home.
Or at least stay off the streets.

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