Life and Being A Child – Introduction


Life is hard.

Improvising is a bit hard as well.



Starting a new series on “Life and Being a Child”.



Out Naked

Ball Playing

There is a bit of a distance between playing ball at a neighborhood ballpark and doing the same on a college court.

One risk a bit more injuries at the ballpark.



The same goes for Spoken Words.

I live in an area where Spoken Words is all the rage.

I have seen men overshare.

Written poems are a bit more guarded.

You can keep what you wrote in your book bag.



Rap accelerated as it gives youth an opportunity to say their piece.

Rinsing out their thoughts on little Cassette Tapes, Records, and CDs.

Later Mixed Tapes.

And, even more later, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok and all the other stuff.



Same goes for software.

Get your stuff on GitHub.

See if it gets a following.

Maybe somebody points out what you did wrong.

How you can clean it up.

Or simply that it no longer works since the vendor released a new version.

Or even better, the Vendor incorporated your work and most of it is no longer necessary.



Life is hard.

Fail quickly.

Clean it up.

And, move along.


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