Nipsey Hussle:- Karma & Back Pay



  1. Nipsey Hussle – Patience & waiting for karma to return to you
    • Videos
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        Channel:- Christian Gati
        Date Published:- 2020-February-2nd


Nipsey Hussle – Patience & waiting for karma to return to you

  1. A Long Time Coming
  2. Planting Seeds and reaping them a long time later
  3. Time
    • Committed and been pure with my energy
    • Suffering Financially
    • Studio Time, Things Faded
  4. Police Situation
    • Police came in
    • Took the Gun
    • Felons, can’t have no guns
  5. Charges
    • Now I goto deal with charges
  6. Purity
    • Nobody knows how pure you are, but you
    • I was really pure
    • When do the good Karma pay off
  7. Nothing Changed Me
    • My money got short
      • That didn’t change me
    • How I was been viewed changed
      • People kind of act like, I fell off a little bit
  8. New Case
    • Still on probation
    • But, they going to put a new case on me
    • I was confused about it
  9. Questions
    • I was questioning everything
    • No higher knowledge to comprehend that
    • No part of the game to prep me for that
    • No Matras
  10. Music
    • But, I had acquired so much music
  11. Street
    • Got back on the streets
  12. EPIC Records
    • Johnny Shipes, Executive at Epic Records
      • Acts
        • Sean Kingston
        • Feely Fee
      • Sit Together
        • Broke bread with me
  13. Back Pay
    • No new work
    • Took a while to go through the process
    • To come back around
    • But, nothing new
  14. Protected?
    • I was expecting to be protected
    • But, yet everything around came tumbled in
  15. Karma
    • Realized that you always get back pay
    • You never can outrun your Karma


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