Rap & “Having Something to Say”

Few Years

For a few years can’t turn on the Radio
Honestly Didn’t miss it
Needless Conversation
Could do without



Came up on Rap
When it had something to say
Had a reason to be

Needed a come up
Saw that ladder
Sure and Steady on the Wall
Held Firm

Watched my brothers and sisters
Climbed each runk
Held Strong for each other



Shoot Them Up Movies

Boys in the Hood
But, who could hate Sweet Berry ( Morris Chestnut )
But then came Juice and all the thereafter
Felt like re-runs
Be it PTSD or just not feeling purposelessly dying young



Fatal Attraction
“For your man”, “For your woman”
First 48 Hours

Brothers and Sisters be falling
John Singleton
Why it has to be Black Knight


Megan Jovon Ruth Pete

What is in a name

I know it is mouthful
But, call her by her full name
We not on first-name basis

Megan Jovon Ruth Pete
It is Texas
Everything is Big
And, Wide


Held Back?

She lost her mum
Though Young, I don’t know if anyone speaks for her

Yet, it is 2020
And, ladies is even tiring of being lady
For ever losing
Will rather be less lady, if it be the price to pay


Having a Mic

Thank God for a Mic
But, who pass Megan a Mic?
Fresh from getting shot
She Firing Back
What you expect?

Sellout negroes that sold our people into slavery

Heard Loud and Clear
Ain’t a coke head
But, took a toke
But, who she miss on that line though?

She hit me hard
Couldn’t get out the way
But, Thank God
I wouldn’t have wanted to

Rap 2.0


She and Home Boy
Clear on one Thing
Protect and Be Better Protecting sisters


Jay-Z fessing could have done better
Allowing B to happily find her roots
Knowing she wouldn’t have to dig too deep, nor wide
And, even if she did
He swear he got her



There goes Big Sean mindful of Mum’s

And as your son, I can see the type of light that you see me in

Taking blame for “losing the baby

Inspiring the Community

think I’m the one
But we all just one of ones

And, watching and praying over other Mama kids

Niggas is bangin’ over blocks that they don’t own, thinkin’ that’s home
Boy, you think that’s where you from? You don’t really know where you from
You don’t how deep your roots is or what your ancestors had done
So, God bless all of the sons and daughters
Who knew they history so they knew where to take it farther



Take it Further

A little bit of insult
A little bit of rebuke
Here is to the one who don’t mind been called out
Shouldering the burden, for taking it further



  1. Big Sean
    Deep Reverence
    Link ( Video )
    Link ( Audio )

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