Covid-19:- Restaurants


Family Dinner

On Tuesday evening tried to go pick up dinner.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed.

I thought I had misread it’s closing time.

And, so got out the car, and approached the restaurant’s door, and attempted to read a bit clearer.

The sign read that the Store was closed by the Health Ministry.



Months Ago tried to pick up pizza, but found that restaurant closed, as well.

And, just last week, another restaurant from the same chain was closed.

Noting that it was opened about two months ago, the closure is recent.




Getting to know each other

I am so bumped out for the workers at the family dinner restaurant.

Each week my family goes there to pick up food for the week.

And, so they are pretty much family.

They just re-added rice back to the menu and the Store Manager, Kwon, took time to explain why Rice-2 is different and better than the one it replaces.

And, so they are thinking of their business, listening to their customers, making plans to grow and sustain; the best they can.

One of the ladies that work there has a daughter in college that used to work alongside her.

I asked the daughter why she calls her mum by her first name and she replied that at home she is Mum; at work she is Salome.


Health Guidelines

Please continue to practice safe health habits while out in public.

It is just a few minutes for most of us, but for people that work there, it is an 8-hour try at keeping safe.





Hi Daniel, how have you been?  If you are interested in joining in _____, let me know.





I have accepted Cisco’s Elect Package and will be retiring after almost 22 years.
I cannot believe the wonderful ride is over. – TB

At the moment I am focused on my health. I planned on an early retirement. If I get bored, I will definitely reach out.
Until then, be well, be safe and be blessed! – TB




Family, please continue to think, plan, and do outside of self.

Keep a good conscience, presence, and outlook.

Sooner or later someone will need you to have made room for them.



Listening to Nasty-C & Rowlene.

Nasty C ft Rowlene – I Need You | Performance

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