Pastor/Prophet Sylvester Ofori


Here is a short story.

A pastor and prophetic voice.

And, his beautiful wife.



Videos – Wedding

  1. The Matter TV
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        • WEDDING ANNIVERSARY VIDEO!!!! Prophet are also human with body n blood, and with marital issues no one can judge until u find yourself in the same shoes of the person. GOD SHOULD ALWAYS PROTECT OUR MARRIAGES for the devil is always against union.
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        • Video
          Channel:- The Matter TV
          Published On:- 2020-September-11th

Videos – Threat

  1. Nation Scoops
    • “If I don’t Kill Your Sister Then I AM Fake” – prophet Sylvester Ofori threatened to kill his wife
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        • “If I don’t Kill Your Sister Then I AM Fake” – prophet Sylvester Ofori threatened to kill his wife Barbara Tommey after assaulting her in front of family and friends.
      • Videos
        • Video
          Channel:- AmeyawTV
          Published On:- 2020-September-11th
      • Transcript
        • Debt
          • It is another debt that can be paid off
          • Debt is Debt
          • You cannot replace debt with your life
        • Police Report
          • Make a police report
          • Do not play with these things
          • Make a police report for future sake
  2. AmeyawTV
    • Before prophet Sylvester Ofori was arrested
      • Videos
        • Video
          Channel:- AmeyawTV
          Published On:- 2020-September-11th

Videos – Post Incident

  1. Ayfacts Hub
    • Barbara Tommey Ofori was running from Sylvester new cctv details.
      • Videos
        • Video
          Channel:- Ayfacts Hub
          Published On:- 2020-September-13th

Videos – Burial

  1. Asaph Diary
    • Barbara Tommey’s Father Cries😭 Heavily at Daughter’s Burial Service
      • Videos
        • Video
          Channel:- Asaph Diary
          Published On:- 2020-September-26th
          Demoted On:- 2020-September-22nd

Videos – Commentaries & Reflections

  1. Anointed Fire
    • Pastor Kills Wife (What You Need to Know About Narcissism)
      • Videos
        • Video
          Channel:- Anointed Fire
          Published On:- 2020-September-11th
  2. MoChunks TV
    • Pastor Sylvester Ofori K*lls His Wife; Congregation Blame It on W*tchcraft | CCWM
      • Profile
        • The sad news of Pastor Sylvester Ofori k*lling his wife, Barbara Tommey hit the internet and his congregation responds in a disappointing but not surprising way. An impromptu video but felt it was necessary to discuss.
      • Videos
        • Video
          Channel:- MoChunks TV
          Published On:- 2020-September-13th
          Added On:- 2020-December-23rd
    • Sylvester Ofori’s brother(Michael Obeng) EXPOSED by his former Spiritual Daughter.
      • Videos
        • Video
          Channel:- PRINCESS BELEMZY
          Published On:- 2020-September-14th
  4. Caila Coleman ( cai_lyfe )
    • Ep 3 Secret Lives of Pastors: The Murder of Barbara Tommey
      • Profile
        • Ep 3: The Secret Lives of Pastors w/guest Natalie Jones (Community Activist and Entrepreneur). In this episode we explore the Murder of Barbara Tommey who was killed by her husband/pastor Sylvester Ofori just a few days shy of their 5th wedding anniversary in Orlando, Florida. Stay tuned for the Big Subpoena Moment at the end of the show!
      • Participants
        • Caila Coleman
        • Natalie Jones
      • Videos
        • Video
          Channel:- cai_lyfe
          Published On:- 2021-August-29th
          Added On:- 2021-September-10th


Florida church ‘devastated’ after Ghanaian pastor shoots wife dead at work


Members of the Floodgates of Heaven International Ministries are “devastated” after their Ghanaian pastor was charged with fatally shooting his wife outside her job at the Navy Federal Credit Union just two days before their fifth wedding anniversary last Tuesday in Florida.

A spokesperson for the Orlando Police Department told the Orlando Sentinel that Sylvester Ofori, 35, who leads the church and has more than 60,000 followers on social media, attacked his wife, Barbara Tommey, 27, just before 9 am near the front door of Navy Federal Credit Union on the 4600 block of Gardens Park Boulevard.

“We are all devastated. I have no words. I’m just devastated,” a representative of the church told The Christian Post on Thursday morning.

The representative said while their church has not been meeting for in-person services during the coronavirus pandemic, she “didn’t see any signs there was trouble” in their pastor’s marriage.

“I’m at a loss for words right now. I can’t even think about it,” she said, remembering the pastor’s wife as “a very beautiful person, inside and out.”

In a court appearance Wednesday, prosecutors told a judge that Tommey’s killing was caught on surveillance video.

“Video surveillance, which shows Mr. Ofori not only shoot his wife but then stand over her body and put additional rounds into her head,” a prosecutor noted in court, according to NBC News affiliate WESH 2.

Police Chief Orlando Rolon said at a press conference that based on the video footage “you can tell that she’s trying to get inside. Unfortunately, he shoots her outside of the establishment.”

The surveillance video presents a darker image of the couple than their wedding video which the church posted on its Facebook page in 2016, wishing them “nothing but the very best” and “for God’s Love to continue to stay present and prevalent throughout” their marriage.

It’s still unclear what led to Tommey’s murder but authorities told WESH 2 that the couple who wed in 2015 were going through a divorce. Ofori was arrested in 2016 for resisting arrest after an officer responded to an argument between the two.

A day before the shooting, Ofori also posted a cryptic message on Facebook about the “extreme” side of “loving people.”

“One thing ppl gotta understand about extremely kind, nice, loving people is that their other side is just as EXTREME,” he wrote.

Detective Matthew Rogers told the Orlando Sentinel that the couple had been living separately for months but further details about their relationship are still being investigated.

“The background story and previous dealings with them, be it through our calls for service should there have been any or any previous incidents between them will be identified at a later time,” Rogers said.

On its website, Floodgates of Heaven International Ministries describes Ofori, who was born in Accra, Ghana, as “a powerful internationally known prophet of the Most High God.”

“Prophet Ofori accepted God’s sovereign commission for his life at an early age. He attributes his zeal for God to his parents who instilled the fear of the Lord in the hearts of all five of their children. He and his three brothers are highly sought after crusade and revival speakers,” the church said, citing his extensive spiritual gifts.

“Through the awesome power of the Lord working through him the sick are healed, the demon-possessed are delivered, witchcraft schemes are exposed and nullified, the lame walk, the blind see, and the broken are made whole; these are some of the many miracles that are repeatedly manifested throughout this ministry,” the church said.

Investigators apprehended Ofori at an apartment building on Raleigh Street where he once lived with Tommey.

Rogers said there’s no excuse for Tommey’s murder.

“Someone committed a heinous act of violence toward a loved one and there’s no excuse for that,” the detective said.


Videos – In-depth

Caila Coleman ( cai_lyfe )

Ep 3 Secret Lives of Pastors: The Murder of Barbara Tommey

  1. Grounds for Divorce
    • Adultery
    • Domestic Abuse
  2. Spirit
    • NJ
      • Your emotions and your spirit are different things
      • The bible says to try the spirit by the spirit
        • 1st John 4:1 – Testing the Spirits ( Link )
          • Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God.
            For many false prophets have gone out into the world.
  3. Extreme Christianity
    • CC
      • Some people said she was divorcing him because he was going further and further into extreme Christianity
    • NJ
      • I don’t see it as extreme Christianity
      • I see it as extreme humanity as real Christians know what Christianity and what it is not
  4. Praying
    • He got started praying
    • But, it got good to him
  5. Pastors
    • CC
      • Human
        • I know they are humans
        • But, they need to get it together
        • He preaches a good sermon
        • He knows his stuff
    • NJ
      • Bishop Don Juan
        • Bishop Don Juan was a pastor
        • The Pimp
        • Yes, the Pimp
        • He was a pastor
        • He pastored the church for 5 years
      • Pimps & Pastors
        • They are good with the word
      • Documentary
        • I watch “American Pimp” the documentary
      • Mind
        • Mind is supposed to be renewed
        • Not Turned off completely
      • Attraction
        • Women are attracted to pastors
        • Not all women, but some women
        • Leadership qualities
          • Women like men in leadership positions
          • women respect them
          • that is why men work so hard to get to power
          • Like Denzel washington
        • Lady called the church
          • Lady called the church and said she has not been feeling well
          • she needed and wanted prayers
          • The pastor felt in the spirit that he should take his wife with him
          • They got to the lady’s house
          • It was at night
          • The door was a little cracked
          • the lady said come on in
          • the pastor sent his wife in
          • The lady was in the bed, spread eagle
          • I don’t know if the first lady handled it
            • she should have
          • Pastors do get tested sometimes



Family, please keep watch over each other.

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