WordPress – Copying Posts with Categories


A week and a half ago, I opened up a support ticket with WordPress.

The exact date was August 28th, 2020.

The instigator was that when I copy posts, the categories were not copied over.


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    Date Posted:- 2020-August-19th
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    Date Posted:- 2020-August-28th
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WordPress Support


Kris – 2020-09-09 5:04 UTC



Kris (Automattic)

Sep 9, 2020, 5:04 UTC

Hi again Daniel,

I have some great news.

There was a change in WordPress core 11 years ago, which you can read more about here – https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5903 ( Link ).

As your blog is over 12 years ago, it does not contain this change, as WordPress core developers did not create a function to change it retroactively for older blogs.

Long story short, our developers have fixed the issue for your blog and I have been able to copy posts with categories without issues now on your site.

They will also file an issue for WordPress core, so this would not cause issues for any other blogs.

I would like to thank you again for such patience during all of this correspondence. Sometimes the answers are not as simple as “you have too many categories”, but date back decades.

Your perseverance allowed us to dig deeper and deeper to finally find the issue.

Best regards,

Happiness Engineer @ Automattic



I have yet to confirm that the issue is indeed fixed.

But, I think it is important to touch on a couple of areas.

And, those are:-

  1. Mutual Trust
    • Both WordPress Support and us know that there is an issue
    • We were unable to properly source it
  2. Conversation
    • The communication from me was not always the best
    • It was not always printable
    • The reasons are plentiful, but not excusable
  3. Share
    • I chose to share here because I know and trust WordPress Support from each past interactions
  4. Covid 19
    • With Covid 19, many are working from home
    • But, here WordPress Support and Development continue to work incongruency
  5. Value Participation and Time
    • We never got on the phone once
    • It was always, here are the things we want you to try
    • Try and report back in details


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