Social Media Followers


As someone who consumes Social Media so little, it is a bit out of the way to write this post.

But, I think it is beneficial.

Social Media

Social Media Account

So you have a social media account, and you post things occasionally.


With interesting posts, comes audiences.

Some of the audiences are transient; or shall we say transitional.

They just come for that one post.

Sign Up

People may enjoy the post and think to themselves I should sign up and receive a subscription notice whenever this person posts.



Be that as it may.

Some of those that follow you are not quite ‘matched’ with you.



People follow each other for various reasons:-

  1. Similar Interests
  2. Social Bonding
  3. Information Gathering
  4. Cool Factor



Family, occasionally prune your followers.


Why do so:-

  1. Discerning
    • As human, you want to discern things
  2. Waste
    • You really do not want to waste people’s time
  3. Why
    • Revisit your reason for being and why
  4. Tailored
    • You really do not want to create content for the wrong people and reasons
  5. Numbers
    • Don’t get into the numbers game
    • And, if you are.  Do not stay there



Hopefully, this is for somebody.

Prayerfully, they take it.

And, use it.



This is for those who take time to model good for and to me.

  1. D Family
  2. Wifey
  3. BA
  4. DH
  5. IH
  6. K.

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