Damon Thompson – 2020/Sept


  1. Damon Thompson–A Lamb/Giant Killer(2015)
    • Profile
      • Damon speaking at Emerald Coast Worship Centre in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.
      • He’s expounding on 1 Samuel 17: 30-37.
      • Teaching on what the real deliverance of God looks like by killing the lions and bears that are trying to take a Lamb out of your life.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Published By:- Demetrius Prince
        Publication Date:- 2015-February-25th
        Added On:- 2020-September-2nd



Damon Thompson

Damon Thompson – Story of David

  1. Predators
    • What are the predators trying
    • Christ-centered consequences
    • We will all fight it off if it came as a green demon
    • What if it is punk with a cell phone number
  2. Choose to honor where honor is due
  3. David
    • It is really hard to know you are David if you are David
    • God puts people in my life, to remind me
    • Somebody who war over one lamb
  4. Jesus
    • Jesus was encouraging him to get back up
  5.  Virginity
    • I wonder what the fight for Mary’s virginity looked like
    • When hell got the whisper that she had found favor
    • Discredit her through impurity
  6. Process
    • It is what you did in the process
    • Killing Lions and Bears
    • God was qualifying you when you were fighting what you believed
  7. Head Scratchers
    • Why so much attention on me
    • I know so many more important people
    • When the Devil is knocking on my door, night after night
    • Go knock
      • Dutch Sheets
        • I got his phone number, email address, and mother’s maiden name
      • Reinard Bonke
        • 73 million people saved
  8. Devil
    • Devil has no power to create but to pervert what has already been created
    • No new sin
    • He can not make a new one
    • The same thing that was taking them out 4000 years ago
      • Pride
      • Greed
      • Lust
    • Double Coverage
      • Announcement to you that there is more to you than you thought there was
  9. Jesus
    • Jesus is trying to find someone that he can get in this world with
    • Whatever he stole from me, I will give it back
  10. Call your name
    • One day they are going to try to get to him, but they will call your name
  11. Stolen From
    • Stolen from and you lost your confidence
  12. After
    • Issue
      • Suicide Thoughts
      • Pornography
      • Drug Addiction
  13. Altar
    • I want to give this microphone to someone and go lay down on that same altar


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