WordPress – Copy Posts – What is copied?


In WordPress, sometimes a new post is similar to a previous post, and so it is sane to consider using an existing post as the basis for a new one.

Copy Posts

These last few days, I have accessed the copy posts functionality via the Editor’s and Admin Console.

Copied Posts

The posts copied over successfully.

But, I noticed that:-

  1. Tags
    • Tags were copied over
  2. Categories
    • Categories were not copied over



Currently, working with WordPress Support.

WordPress Support

WordPress Support said the error is likely due to the high number of categories we have on our site.



She was great. Fantastic. She tried everything she could to get me out of my dark spot.

She tried repeatedly on her test sites.

Later she came back and said she thinks it is likely sourced to the huge number of categories we have on our blog.

She will contact development and let me know once she gets a response from Development.

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