Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard

Personal life



Leonard is the son of Mark Leonard and Kim Robertson.

He is the youngest child of the family and has four sisters.

His father was shot and killed on January 18, 2008, at the Compton car wash he owned.

Leonard insisted on playing the next evening and broke down emotionally after the game.

As of 2019, the murderer had still not been found.

Leonard and his girlfriend have two children.

In January 2020, after the death of Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash, Leonard revealed that he and Bryant shared the same pilot, Ara Zobayan, who also perished in the crash along with Bryant and seven others.

Leonard is known for his quiet and private demeanor. He rarely gives interviews and avoids questions about his private life.

Leonard has also said that he does not actively consume news media or use social media.



  1. ABC
    • ABC 7
      • Murder of Kawhi Leonard’s father still a mystery | ABC7
        • Profile
          • After 11 years there is still pain for Jacquelyne Leonard, who saw her husband get shot and killed in front of her. The victim was 43-year-old Mark Leonard. He was shot and killed in front of his car wash in Compton. He was the father of NBA star Kawhi Leonard.
          • Full story
        •  Videos
          • Video #1
            Date Published:- 2019-October-21st
  2. The Fumble
    • Kawhi Leonard Finally Opens Up About How The Horrendous Murder Of His Father Changed His Life
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          Channel:- The Fumble
          Date Published:- 2019-June-13th


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          Date Published:- 2019-April-25th
  2. Bleacher Report
    • Kawhi Leonard: “I don’t play hero basketball. I’m not playing for fans.” Game 4 Postgame Interview
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        • Kawhi Leonard shows why he is a true superstar after defeating the Golden State Warriors in Game 4 and taking a 3-1 series lead in the 2019 NBA Finals
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          Channel:- Bleacher Report
          Date Published:- 2019-June-8th
  3. ESPN
    •  Kawhi explains his laugh, trash talk at San Diego State, 2019 NBA Finals, and more | The Jump
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        • Rachel Nichols sits down with Toronto Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard to talk about fighting through injuries in the 2019 NBA Finals, the injury issues facing the Golden State Warriors, 2019 NBA free agency and whether he’s thinking about it, his infamous Serge Ibaka cooking show episode, the Norman Powell fist bump, his legendary trash talk of “bucket” and “board man gets paid,” his public persona vs. his private persona, his laugh that went viral, and more.
      • Videos
        • Video #1
          Channel:- ESPN
          Date Published:- 2019-June-7th


Prayers up.

I know that those in Kawhi Leonard’s inner circle are blessed to have him.

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