MySQL:- Functions


Wanted to cover a couple of MySQL System Functions.


System Functions


Category Use Function Name Syntax Sample Data
Date and Time Functions
Current Date
CurDate curdate() 2020-08-24
current_date current_date() 2020-08-24
Current Time
CurTime curtime() 09:27:01
current_time current_time() 09:27:01
Day Function
Day of the Month day day(curdate()) 24
Day Name dayname dayname(curdate()) Monday
Day of the Week dayofweek dayofweek(curdate()) 2
Day of the Year dayofyear dayofyear(curdate()) 237
Last Day of the Month last_day last_day(curdate()) 2020-08-31
Week Function
Week of the Year week week(curdate()) 34
Day of the Week weekday weekday(curdate()) 0
Month Function
Month of the Year as Number month month(curdate()) 8
Month of the Year as Month Name monthname monthname(curdate()) August
Year Function
Year year year(curdate()) 2020
Version Version version() 8.0.21
Hostname hostname @@hostname dev
User Authentication
user user user dave
System_User System_User system_User dave




  1. MySQL
    • Date and Time Functions

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