Officer Down


God leaned on me to have a list that shows Law Enforcement officers that have laid down.


In Memorial

Out of Obedience here is a start.

  1. Officers
    • Officer Names
      • Officer Jonathan Shoop
        • Survived by his fiancée, mother and two brothers.
    • Suspect
      • Henry Eugene Washington
    •  Profiles
      • City:- Bothell, Washington
    • Dates
      • Date of Incident:- Monday 2020-July-13th
    • Stories
      • Seattle Times
        • 1 police officer killed, 1 injured in Bothell shooting; suspect in custody
          Published On:- 2020-July-13th
      • KIRO 7
        • Bothell officer killed in shooting after chase; suspect arrested
          Published On:- 2020-July-15th



  1. Sharon Milliman
    • Sharon Milliman – Near-Death Experience – Hatred Born Out of Selfishness
      • Videos
      • Transcripts
        • Gods Love
          • God lives you so much that he thinks about you every single day and each second
        • Sacredness
          • Sacred Place
        • Selfishness
        • Love
          • Learn to love and be loved
          • Agape Love
        • Unconditional


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