Usher, I Cry


  1. Usher
    • Usher – I Cry
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        • This video is in honor of the courage and bravery of the activists and organizations who are demanding a change to broken systems rooted in hundreds of years of racism. It includes iconic photography from the great humanitarian and Black artist, Gordon Parks. -UR
      • Videos
        • Usher – I Cry (Official Video)
          Channel:- Usher
          Date Published:- 2020-July-4th
        • Usher – I Cry (Global Goal: Unite for Our Future Concert Performance)
          Channel:- Usher
          Date Published:- 2020-June-27th
        • Usher – I Cry (Official Audio)
          Channel:- Usher
          Date Published:- 2020-June-25th




I can’t keep it together
I usually don’t show my emotions
But it ain’t getting better
‘Cause you can’t be blind with eyes wide open

And I see struggle, I see the pain
I see only the mess we made
I see things that I can’t change
And it hurts my heart to say

I cry
For the sons without fathers
And the pain that the mothers
Hold deep inside
And I’ll fight
For the future we’re making
We can change if we face it
‘Cause these tears won’t dry
So I cry


When I look in the mirror
Do I see someone that cares for others?
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
Do I love myself more than my sisters (sisters)
And brothers? (brothers)
I don’t know


For the truth that’s unspoken
For the promises broken
I will stand by your side
I’ll fight
For the ones who stopped dreaming
And the ones who stopped believing
You’re not alone
I feel your pain


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