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    • Sheriff’s office launches investigation into arrests caught on tape
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          Date Published:- 2019-June-14th
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I am really touched as to the difficulty young people face each day.

To me, the difficulties are compounded by the fact that their lives are filmed and available online from now till eternity.

Each step can be retraced, rehashed, and commented on.


Check upon them.

Invest in them.

Let them know they are cared for.

And, that you care about them.


Look for ways you are taking from them.

Judge which are normal takes.

And, which are selfish takes.

Cut back and move towards completely disavowing the Selfish Takes.


Pray for them.

Go to God on their behalf.

And, stay with God on their behalf.

Personal Take

There are good things about getting older.

One is able to look back and see the good one did.

The things one took and did not really need.

And, more importantly, one can be more intentional about allowing the young to have their time and have them graze in peace.

If you are already doing so, smile as God, your father, is using you to bring people close and closer to him.

And, they are getting to know him truthfully, intimately, and joyfully.

If you are not doing so, here is to “letting the weight off you“.



Taylor is our sister.

Oh No, she is our sibling.


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