WinOS – Wireless – “Airplane Mode”


Unable to use the wireless network on a computer that I am helping put together for my cousin.

Error Message


The error messages that I am getting simply states “Airplane Mode“.



  1. Desktop
    • Status Bar
  2. Control Panel
    • Network and Internet
      • Network Connections
      • Settings
        • Status
        • Airplane Mode


Status Bar

Control Panel

Network & Internet

Network Connections


Airplane Mode
Airplane Mode – Image
Airplane Mode – Text
  1. Airplane:- On
  2. Wireless devices
    • Wi-Fi:- Off
    • Bluetooth:- Off



Tried everything to get it out of Airplane Mode.

Tried using the GUI.

Issued a few netsh commands.


For us, what worked, was turning the wireless adapter back on.

Fidgetting me had turned it off via a button on the side panel of the laptop.

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