Most of Life is Good, But Then…


Most of life is good, but then.


Working from Home


Working from home means taking most of the same care one takes at work.

The care includes:-

  1. Sleep
    • Going to sleep on time
  2. Coffee
    • Needing and Craving Coffee
    • I am having a tough coffee fiend
    • But, I have not had it in weeks or so it seems
  3.  Phone Off
    • I am not a big phone person
    • And, so phone off for me
  4. Google News
    • Read through Google News to get a quick read of the day’s trending news and stories
    • Stocks
      • Are Stocks building up or down
      • What is causing the move
    • What is going on in the tech world


Call from Home

Though one is working from Home.

Occasionally, one still gets a call from home.


Love You

This morning it is a call from my cousin.

It reads “I love you bro

And, so told him “Love Him Too“.

Asked if I want to speak to his mum, replied “No, as I am working“.

Hurried him off the phone.


Going Away for a while

A little while later, he called.

This time, it reads “Going Away for a while“.

Asked if he will like me to come see him.

He said No, he really needs the Time away.  And, alone.



  1. Be there
  2. Do not ask questions.  Do not pry
  3. Model Good
  4. People are going to
    • Need your prayers
    • Need your encouragement
    • Need your tie in spirit
  5. So keep yourself well
  6. And, render it as cleanly, responsibly, and respectfully, as possible
  7. Stay with them
    • Continue to live well
    • Avail what you have stocked up in communion with God to them
    • And, they will feel it
    • They will feel lifted up


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